Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh my, has it really been THAT long since I updated the blog?

Well, summer has come, and almost gone, at the O'Day house, with only one update. I do apologize for that! My only excuse is that we have been with most of the people who read the blog all summer! I'm going to go back and, with photos, tell the story of our summer. Stay posted, they are coming soon. And now for what is going currently.... Today we tried out a new church.  Our neighbors, Ronnie and Kathy, invited us to go with them...and we all showed up. Brantley was working, of course, so Mom came along. For those of you who don't know, we are looking for a new church. There are a set of criteria we are searching for, and this church hit most of them. We will be returning for another visit. While we were there, Brantley walked in, found a seat, then, as we were singing, asked me to hold him. When I told him I couldn't, he got upset. "But Mommy, I want to see Jesus!" One of the things I really liked about this church was I felt instantly at ease. When Brantley went up to Children's time, the "sermon in a sack," style, the item for the days sermon was in a TJ Maxx bag. The pastor announces that he loves TJ Maxx and Brantley loudly says, "I go to TJ Maxx wit my mudder!" What do you get there? the pastor asks, "Toys!" BRantley proudly says! The pastor, chuckling, asked Brantley his name, "Brantleyhainesdononvanodaythesecond," he replied, blurring it all together. The pastor, laughing, said, "Brantley, I hope you come back, I like you!" What a great start! Well, since the B's are abed, I guess I should be too. We are gearing up for school around here, I return on Thursday, Brantley goes with me the following Wednesday. Mom goes next week too. The end of summer, sigh, but there's always something about the fresh start of a school year. It's spring, for a teacher, a time of rebirth, fresh starts and new pencils....and the countdown to next summer!