Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh yes, it HAS been that long!

Here we are again, at the start of a new school year, and it's been MONTHS! since I posted last.  Life has been good, with lots going on, and thankfully, not lots going on sometimes too! In order to save time, and your eyes, I'll be brief in our overview of the last few months!

1.  We went to DC and DE for Spring Break...loved it, and Brant got to see the Phillies beat the Nats for his first professional baseball game!

2.  Brantley wrapped up his K3 year like a pro.

3.  Brantley turned 4 with a very fun Thomas the Tank Engine party!

4.  Our family survived me being gone for 10 days, and I survived taking 26 students and parents to Spain and France!
5.  We had an awesome family trip to Cass, WV, full of fishing, hiking and riding trains!

6.  We traveled to Ohio to visit Great-Grandma Tobin and other family

7.  Lots and lots of pool and sprinkler time!

8.  Back to school!

9.  Long-time friends Phyllis, Lanny and Annie visit!  And meet Brant for the first time!

So now, I pledge to be consistent in updating to all who read our blog, to keep you up to date with the big things, and the minute things that make the Carolina O'Days tick!