Friday, February 19, 2010

A Day at the North Carolina Natural Science Museum

Today we took a short jaunt to Raleigh, Mom had an appointment and Brantley went with her. While they were in the meeting, little Brant and I visited the North Carolina Natural Science Museum. Let me just say, once again, North Carolina impresses me...our zoos, museums,'s really a great state to live in!
We only had a short time to spend in the museum, as Daddy had to be back at work. Looking at the website last night had only served to get me excited! Dinosaurs, bugs, plants, mountains, Piedmont, was all there! We stepped, or rather were blown, into the doors. Gathering a map, and our bearings (and enjoying a free quality experience), I spotted the whale skeletons delicately (ha ha, they were up with girders!) from the 4 story ceiling. I, myself, was quite impressed. Brant grabbed my hand, and thinking we were headed deeper into the exhibit, I willingly followed...directly out into the lobby and the "upalator!"
And thus began our quite quickly paced visit through the exhibits. The highlight of today was the live conservatory. As we stepped inside the dry rainforest, and loved it immediately. Butterflies surrounded us and flitted around us and in the corner was the 3 toed sloth! Thinking he'd be just "hanging out" we were surprised to see he was doing laps around his climbing area! We watched him for quite a while, and, pausing to check ourselves for rogue butterflies, we headed down the "downalators" to get to the first floor. And located there, the MOST FUN part of the museum...the gift shop!
Impressed by the frogs and bats, we were on a search for one to take home. Daddy and Grandma met up with us at this point, frog was located, and off we went to lunch. After a delightfully Irish lunch at Tir Na Nog, it was time to head home. A great day in "Rawee," but good to be home!