Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life in disarray, renovation in progress

If you are looking for the O'Day family, don't look at home!  We've temporarily moved in with Mom while Brantley replaced our water heater, lays new tile flooring and drywalls our soon to be fantabulous laundry room.  
I've come to discover, no matter how long you are staying, or how far you are traveling, you have to pack the same amount of stuff!  But it's fun staying with Mom, Brant is in heaven, waking up not to call "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" but "Grandma, Grandma, Grandma!"  

Since life has been a bit disorganized, there are no photos to accompany this blog.  But here's are some of the highlights of the week! 
                  1.  Two soccer games were fantastically played by Brant (and Coach Katy wasn't too bad!)
                  2.  Apple week was kicked off in Brant's class, culminating with APPLE DAY tomorrow.  
                  3.  We discovered Brant's favorite apple is Granny Smith!
                  4.  We ( ha ha, Brant), ripped out the water heater!
                  5.  We spent almost all of Saturday on the couch!  How wonderful! 
                  6.  It rained!! 

So our life is not so exciting right now, a bit disorganized, a lot messy, but lots of fun!  Love to all!  

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A trip to Delaware, soccer games and renovations

We were so excited to jump in the car and head to Delaware for a long-overdue visit.  Although the ride seems to get longer each time we make it, Brant is still a great traveler.  Since we've discovered that he HAS to sit in the middle, rides are a lot more pleasant for us all, as I don't have to hold the bag while he gets sick!
An annual trip to get apple donuts, yummy apples and cider!

The visit was great, helping Bev celebrate her birthday and heading down to Rehoboth for the day.  Of course, seeing the kiddos was great too!  Can't believe how big the babies are!
Enjoying the lemon merangue pie for Mom Mom's birthday!
Delaney saying "Cheese"
Watching the ocean from the boardwalk

Brant wanted to swim so badly, but it was freezing, and the no swimming flags were out

Monday night, following our return, the U6 Deacons took on the U6 Lightening.  How fun to see the kids play and how well they did!  Of course, sure do like number 4!  Brant's friend Mia is also playing for Gibsonville, and had the game after us.  Brant and Mia thought it was hilarious that they have the same number!
And he's off!

Going for the ball!
Silly friends on the field!

As things seem to have calmed down for a day, Brantley got motivated with the laundry room again.  Brant and I came home today to discover the hot water heater had been torn out (you should have seen the MUCK that drained out of it!) and we have to pack up and head to Grandma's for a few days.  It seems, no matter how far you go or for how long, you still have to pack the same amount of stuff!! There's only one bag difference between a night at Mom's and Delaware!
Brantley is getting ready to lay tile and finish the drywall.

Well, from our up-ended house to yours, hope all is well!  Can't really tell if anyone is reading the blog, so please comment if you do!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm SOOO tired!

Well, Brant is in full swing now! He is going to school until 2:45 each day, and riding Mommy's school bus back and forth!  It seems this week, his favorite saying is "I'm soooo tired."  It's the first thing out of his mouth in the morning, and the last one out at night.  He's doing well though, and enjoys Ms. Stacy's class.  He has a busy day, and when you ask him what he did, as fast as he can he says, "wewenttothecenterroom,music,gym,andplaygroundtwotimes!"

There are some other highlights though, such as library (they get to check out books this year!) and of course, SPANISH!  I taught his class for the first time a few days ago, and it's going to be a lot of fun. It's only for 15 minutes, but by the end of it, Allie, Brant's friend who says she's going to marry him, was rolling in the floor, in a dress, flashing her panties!  Oh, kids are so much fun!

Soccer is in gear as well.  We were able to keep most of our team, and moved up to U6.  It's odd to see the five year olds on the team, they seem huge! I can't believe Brant will be that big in less than a year.  Coach Shaun and I are coaching again, and it really is amazing to see the growth of these kids from their first season, to now, their third.  We had a name change though, no longer the Eagles, we are the Deacons.  No longer green, now red.  First game is coming up the weekend we will be in Delaware, unlucky for us.
Proud to make a goal!

Coaching the blue side in a scrimmage
Those darn pennies aren't made for 4 year olds!
Brant's jubalani ball, a World Cup replica

We've also had a few fun trip to City Park this last week (Monday really, when we were off.  Sunday too, truth be told).  I always feel blessed that we have such a great place in our community.   We all enjoy going there, and a ride on the train makes us all smile!
The Carousel, celebrating 100 years next week!

He picked this one because it looked like Pop Pop's jeep
Love these arty flowers placed around the Park!

The house is quiet.  Brant is snuggled in his bed with Percy (polar bear), teddies Cozy and Phillie, Dupe-dupe the dino and Bluey the bluebird.  It's time for me to head that way, so goodnight!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Labor Day vacation, at home

Brant actually wanted me to take a picture!
Brant checking out the Dino video with Indiana Bones
For some reason, the thought of traveling on Labor Day weekend does not appeal to us.  It's more of a breather from the hectic start of school than a well-anticipated vacation.  So, we did the ever popular "stay-cation."  Ugh, what an over-used word, but it applies!  Brant has to work all weekend, therefore we are limited in our distances, but we embraced the time we had and headed to the Natural Science Center.  

While not as impressed with the indoor exhibits (we've been spoiled by visits to multiple science museums, in various states, even countries!), the animal discovery was great fun! 

It was just the right size for Brant to walk, without complaints, and was accomplished in about an hour! From gibbons, my favorite, the tiger, and Brant's least favorite, the boa constrictor, we checked them out.  
   Once we meandered (ha ha, Brant was in fast forward down the paths! :-) ) through the more exotic animals, we headed to the petting area.  


 Not too impressed with the goats, Brant loved the sheep!  And the fact that he could brush them!
   After lunch at Brugger's, we had to get Daddy home for work.  A nap later, we hit the road again, but this time for a bike ride.  All in all, not a bad day...and to think, we still have 2 more days of it!