Saturday, December 19, 2009

The first snow...and before Christmas!

It snowed!! Snow, snow, glorious snow! Yesterday was our last day of school, and thankfully, for all involved, it was a half-day. And around 1 p.m., the forecasted winter storm hit....snow!! It snowed most of the day and into the night...with a layer of ice on top. Unfortunately, I've had the crud, and Brant is getting over an ear infection, so we've not played in it as much as normal, but Brantley did take B out last night and this morning, for a good tromp. I enjoyed watching from
the window, it was waaaaaaay too cold for my stopped up head. I hope this is a sign of a wonderful winter! If it's going to be cold, bring on the snow!
Brant and I napped this afternoon, and if you know Brant, that means he was up until just a few minutes ago! And it's midnight! So, I decided, as long as we were going to be up late, to go ahead and make sugar cookie dough. Brant, being my best kitchen assistant, pitched in. We put in all the "gredients" and got to work. Brant, however, learned a very valuable lesson. Always start the mixer on low!! He's covered in powdered sugar! We always said he was as sweet as he tastes sweet too!!

A new playset and the class Christmas party

It's Christmas come early to the O'Day house, as we decided to begin setting up Brantley's big Christmas present from Mommy and Daddy. He's graduated from simply wanting to swing and slide, to need more of a challenge! So, let the building begin! This is day 2 of the build, day 3 ended with snow and ice, so hopefully, this week, it will be completed. Tt's as complicated as it looks...notice the extra help Brantley is receiving, from Bailey,streaking by, to Brant, already playing!
Brant's class had their Christmas party on the Friday we got out for the holiday. In true Christmas style, it included presents and lots of yummy goodies. Several of Brant's classmates don't celebrate Christmas, so his class was smaller than usual. However, the fun continued! Santa's Helper brought presents, Brant got a neat tool set! I wonder how he knew!! There was also a pinata, which I missed because I had a class to teach, but it looked to be lots of fun!
We've enjoyed our first day of break today, resting, making cookies and watching t.v. Ahh, we love being on break!

All aboard the Christmas Train!

As you may have heard, we have a small son who is addicted to trains (it runs in the family, right Pop Pop?) So our ears always perk up when we hear about a new train experience. This year, for the first time, in Denton, NC, there was a Christmas train. A family owns a large farm there, and they have the Handy Dandy Railroad that runs a loop around their farm. After purchasing Christmas decorations as towns were getting new ones, they have begun what we hope will be an annual tradition.
After about an hour ride, we arrived...and entered through a candy cane lines lane. Crossing the tracks and there it was, the Christmas train! Fully decorated, piping Christmas songs, it was exciting for the adults AND Brant!
The ride was about 20 minutes long, but oh so wonderful! The decorations were extensive, even the tractors were outlined! We stopped, about half-way through, at a large screen, where we watched the true story of Christmas.
After the ride, we visited the farm buildings, which include a grist mill, general store, church, gas station and a few others. We bought corn meal that was ground there, and some great dinner, as we were starving. Despite freezing temperatures (it was spitting snow) we all had a wonderful time! There was even a Maryann (you know, Mike Mulligan's steam shovel) outlined in lights! It was a wonderful winter wonderland!
The crazy lights are actually the lights on the locomotive. Brant was looking at us, but at the last minute, the locomotive blew its horn, startling me, making me jump!

Can we PLEASE make the "Ringerbread" Village?!

As the Christmas season began, we began to see lots of Gingerbread kits out and about. Brant had begged us, for days, weeks, and what seemed like months, to get one. One day, while at Target, he got to pick it out. Faced with the choice of a Gingerbread train, house or village, he chose the village. After picking myself up from the floor, from the shock of him not choosing a train, we put the village in the cart, and off we went. Being too late to start the project, and wanting Dad to be in on the fun, we had to wait until the next day.
FINALLY, Daddy got home...and the fun began...
While the finished project was fair (count the houses...there were supposed to be bit the dust!), it was most definitely one of the more challenging projects we've attempted with Brant...for those planning to attempt the project....DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!! :-)