Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Elon Phoenix First Pitch Dinner

Last Thursday night our family went to the First Pitch dinner.  Little Brant and I had gone last year, but Big Brant had had to work. We'd had winter weather and it got postponed, thus messing up our plans.  We all made it this year though, and enjoyed an evening of baseball.  Little Brant loved running from table to table getting autographs and hearing all of the players talk about their majors and where they are fun.  Of course, the door prizes are lots of fun too, but we didn't win anything for the second year.  One year we'll get something!

Players sit at the tables with you and have dinner, so we got a quick picture with the guys who sat with us.  Numbers 2 and 3 were at our table and number 7 is Casey Jones, pretty much the team standout.  He jumped in for a photo without us asking and is just an all around good guy.  You could tell all the attention made him uncomfortable.  

It was a nice evening out and the boys had fun.  We don't get to do enough like this as a family, so it was a nice break.  Go Phoenix baseball!!

Brant's first time ice skating

After Scout Sunday, Brant's friend Molly had a skating party.  Brant has never skated, so it was quite the adventure.  He and his friends hugged the railing for awhile, but then he snagged one of the skating helper thingys.  Brant and his classmates all shared it for awhile, so that helped with the frustration of not being able to stay up! 

He was pretty sore the next morning, but ice skating was pronounced a great time.  We'll have to go back one day when it's not so crowded.  It's been a loooooong time since Mommy was on skates, but it looked like fun!

Scout Sunday 2015

Last Sunday was Scout Sunday and our pack and troop had great participation.  Each year the service gets better and better.  Brant acolytes for the service and helps with the offering.  He also had a small speaking part with the Boy Scout Law.  He had kind and said "I was kind when my mom wasn't feeling well and I cooked dinner."  The troop had a great skit for children's time and our District Superintendent preached, because our pastor had just had surgery.  I didn't get as many photos this year because it was just harder. Daddy had to leave halfway through to get to work and Henry is two now...enough said.  But the scouts are always do such a great job!  We are proud to be members of Troop/Pack 265!

The Scout Banquet and fishing pole presentations

Believe it or not, Brant still had one more prize for selling popcorn.  The Old North State Council set up a Fish Club for those who sold over $750 in popcorn.  The boys got fishing lures, new poles and the Council is going to stock the bass pond at Camp Woodfield in May.  

It was a nice banquet and we all enjoyed spending time rewarding the boys for their hard work. 

Final Basketball game for the Third Grade Thunder

As quickly basketball started, it finished.  Brant had an amazing first season and learned so much.  He really turned on the agressivness for the final game, and we had a glimpse of what might come out in the future.  Brant wasn't feeling great though, and fizzled about half way through.  We were very proud of him and he earned the sportsmanship star for the game.   Brant was also very excited because Mr. Meeks came to see him play! 

The cool entrance each player got, with lights and smoke.  They were given an Upward basketball

Playing against buddy Lucas

Mr. Meeks took time out from his weekend to see Brant play!

The great pie night

After working really hard to meet his popcorn goal, Brant got several prizes.  However, the most anticipated one was "Pie the Leader" night.  The leaders all knew who was going to get pied, and were prepared.  All except me...I thought I was safe behind the camera.  Not so much. 

Fun was had by all, but that graham cracker crust, whipped cream and chocolate syrup was nasty to get out of hair!  But the boys loved it, and so it's worth it!

Saturday, January 24, 2015


I blogged so much more consistently when Brant was little, in part because I was at home, and only had one child, and wasn't involved in scouting, teaching full time and parenting two boys.  

You always hear how the second child or third, etc., doesn't have a baby book or there aren't as many photos (not a problem with me!) .  I swore it wouldn't happen to me!  After all, I blog!  I bought Henry his baby book!  I take photos! So yeah.  That has worked.  

So this is a catch up post for Henry.  

Henry is quite the talker these day, and has his own ways of saying things.  He's always called himself "Boy."  As in , "Boy likes this..." "Boy needs Mommy!"  And he has a way of adding "n" to the end of his words, " Boy liken trucks"  It's so cute.  

Lately, when I have been come home, Henry, who will now call himself Henry, says, "Henry (or boy) missed Mommy SOooooo much!"  or "Henry loves mommy soooo much!"  It melts my heart. 

Today we went to Saturday Mornings for the Very Young at school.  Henry was incredibly shy at first, clinging to me, hiding his face from Mr. Wall.  We went to Ms. Stacy's room and Henry, while enjoying himself, was not going to leave my side.   Stuck to me like glue, we went to the table to make a snowman.  He started to open up, talking about the parts we were gluing on.  A snowball fight, a story and a poem, and Henry was actually walking out by himself.  He enjoyed himself, but didn't say much about it as we went on about our day.  

Sitting at the dinner table, I asked Henry to tell "Granna" about what he did.  He told her about the fluffy snowballs, who woke the bear in the story, and what he put on his snowman.  I asked him, "and what about the song we sang?"  Thinking hard, I didn't think he'd remember.  And he made a big circle with his arms, like the fat snowman and told Granna all about it.  What a boy!! 

There are ton of cute things Henry says and does, I hope I can get them down to reread when he's older!

Upward Basketball 2015: Team Thunder

We always seem to miss registration for basketball but this year, we did it!  We decided to play Upward ball, because of the values and the scheduling.  Brant has never played basketball before, so this was a great learning season.  We have some friends who play in the same age group, so it's been fun playing against them as well.  Brant's old friend Zach, who was in his preschool class at Front Street, is on his team, and his dad coaches the team too. 

The national anthem is played before every game.
 Henry has learned to put his hand over his heart too!

It's so fun, all the kids get their names announced and get to run out to center court

It was so exciting during today's game.  Brant got a red star for defense as he really turned on the heat.  It's been fun watching him learn the game and grow in skills! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

A trip to see the Choo Choo trains

Last Saturday was our off day for basketball games, and Daddy was off besides.  We decided to head down to Spencer for the day, packing a picnic lunch and enjoying the reprieve from the dreary weather we've had for the past few weeks. 

Of course, Spencer is always a hit with our family, trains...need I say more.  It was fun to see Henry enjoy this time though.  He was really little the last times we went, and this time he came home with a full report to give Granna (Grandma). 

Henry is really talking now and it seems like every trip or experience we give him just broadens his vocabulary and expression.  Jumping when the train blew it's whistle he laughed, looked up at me and said, "Mommy, that train SCARED me!" He sounded just like an adult!

We headed home after a picnic lunch, by way of a few stops in Greensboro.  We ended up having dinner out at a new place, which was fun, and returned refreshed from our day trip.