Sunday, December 28, 2008

'Dats my picture!

We've been busy working around the house the last few days. We've gotten new shades in all the rooms, and we rearranged our bedroom. Of course, as all cleaning/changing projects go, one thing leads to another and I had to change pictures around too. I was planning on hanging the Beatrix Potter sampler I had made for Brant's nursery in our room, as I love it, but it doesn't go in the baseball room. However, as I pulled it out and prepared to take it to our room, Brant looked at me and said, "Dat's my picture! I want it in my room!" It's not been up in his room for over a year, but I guess he remembered it. So it did my heart good to hang it once again in my baby boy's room! Brant has been busy playing with his new toys, and was upset when we put away Santa's cup,plate and magic key until next year. I was thinking about next Christmas, and I realized, Brant will be 3 1/2! Good grief! Where does the time go?!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ta Da...the O'Day Kitchen is FINALLY finished!

It's done....hip hip hoooray! Today, Christmas day, I couldn't stop him....Brantley had a new toy to try, it's official! The kitchen is finished! Here it is, it's a masterpiece and really nice. Come for a visit and see it in person!

A VERY Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to one and all! To our family abroad and out of state on this day, lots of hugs, kisses and merriment! I guess I should begin at the beginning, as that's a very good place to start! Yesterday, Christmas Eve, was a wonderful, relaxing day. We spent it between Mom's house and ours, piddling and doing those typical day off kind of things. We also baked a very special batch of cookies for Santa. In the evening we all gathered at Mom's house for our Christmas Eve dinner of ham, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole and homemade yeast rolls. We decided to let Brant open his presnts from Grandma, so that they wouldn't get lost in the shuffle of Santa. He also opened his gifts from Grandma Tobin, Jim and Carol. After playing with them for awhile, all of us!, we got online and gave the Japan Soules a tour of Mom's new house. Then, Brant opened his present from them, a great Fisher Price camera! He loves it and he's already taken lots of pictures on it. After that, we knew we had to get home to get cookies and milk out for Santa. We'd tracked Santa on and it said that he was running a bit ahead of schedule. It was also neat to see that he'd already delivered to Noah and everyone in Japan! After leaving the cookies and milk, and the magic key on the porch, Brant got into his jammies, ready for a snuggle on the couch. As a family, we read "Twas the Night before Christmas" and "Mary's Baby." Before I got to the end of "Mary's Baby" Brant was asleep. Mommy and Daddy were not too far behind.
When we woke up this morning, Santa had made a delivery. We were all in bed together (Brant joined us around 5 this morning). Brant started saying that he wanted to go to "Toot n' Puddle's house." Toot and Puddle is a very cute show that we watch about two pigs, one who is adventuresome, the other a homebody. I guess he had dreamed about it! We had to convince Brant to get out of bed to see if Santa had come. When he finally did, he was soooo excited that Santa had eaten his cookies and milk! Santa even left him a letter beside his empty plate, thanking Brant for the magic key and cookies. So, I know everyone wants to know what Santa left! So, here goes...a large John Deere tractor and trailer, a pirate ship with pirates, books, a rocket, doctor kit and a workbench. Mommy and Daddy gave him a Play Dough caddy with all kinds of tools, Lincoln Logs, a microphone, Caillou movies, a memory game and I'm sure something I've forgotten. From Grandma he got a V-Tech Laptop, penguin hooded towel and washcloths, and a go-fish game. He also recieved a Tonka race car track and Elmo building set from Jim and Carol. Grandma Tobin got him a cool skateboarders sweatshirt. I'll just do a brief list, for those who are curious as to what Brantley and I got. Brantley got a compressor with 3 nail guns from me and B, an Under Armour Elon sweatshirt, a ratchet set and a new drill bit set. I got black clogs that I've been wanting, a black cashmere scarf, a heated matrass pad (I've been freezing...someone hogs covers) and a KINDLE!!! Don't know what it is?? Google it, it's the best! We all know the true reason for the season, and we sang Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus at breakfast. This has been such a fun Christmas. I had a hard time sleeping last night I was so excited. I think we are going to go see The Tale of Desperaux this afternoon. Lots of love to all! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A new cousin and ANOTHER trip to Target

Ho ho ho! Santa is just around the corner and we are on the lookout. Today at Lowe's, the cashier said, "I think I just saw a reindeer! He ran outside!" Brant quickly started looking, and failing to see one, instructed me to ride through the parking lot, towards "'Dos little houses!" (the display sheds). Upon not seeing one there, he told me, "Mommy, I tink it was just a pretend reindeer!" Hmm, maybe he's getting TOO smart! We went to lunch at "Daddy's daunt daunt" (rhyme it with restaurant) and he informed me that he thinks Santa wants to eat there too! So, if you are at Village in the next day or so, keep your eyes peeled!
We've been to Target tooooooo many times since I've been out of daily! So when I said we were running errands, I got the prompt reply of "To Tahgit?" That's a sure sign....also when your two-year old recognizes the Target sign! :-) What can I say...we love the popcorn!
We've got a new member of our family! Aunt Bliss and Uncle Evans have a new baby girl. She was born yesterday...her name is Delaney Colleen. Everyone is excited and all of the North Carolina O'Days are anxious to hold her. I get to be the Baby Hog this time!
Our tree is decorated, presents are almost all wrapped, and Daddy is off until 3 on Friday! Yippee! Merry Christmas! We'll post again soon!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's party time!

We've had a busy couple of days! Lots of Christmas cheer and excitement! Yesterday, little Brantley and I went shopping for Grandma and Daddy. When asked what he wanted to get for Daddy, he promptly said, "A choo choo!" When asked about Grandma, he said, "A helihopter." But alas, when we went shopping, we didn't find a choo choo or a helicopter that was good enough. We had to settle for something else.
But the Christmas cheer didn't stop there! Oh no, not in the O'Day family! The fun continued when we got home. After a short power nap, Brant was ready to go! We hit the road to Caswell County to see the Christmas lights. This has been an annual trek for us, three years now. This was by far, the best year yet. As we "march, march, marched" through the lights, Brant was awed by the sheer number of lights.
Today, Brant went to school and had his first school Christmas party. After his special snack, complete with cupcake AND snowman Krispy Kreme doughnuts, we danced the hokey pokey and exchanged presents. Brant made us a beautiful Make-a-plate, wrapped in hand painted paper! We love it! Then, he walked/dragged his presents to "Ms. Amissa" and "Ms. Awanda." We had so much fun making their presents. It was our Tupperware canisters filled with three kinds of Chex mix. Did you know, there are zillions of kinds of Chex mix! Little Brant helped me mix and stir. When asked if he liked the smell of the melted butter, he said, " 'nells like bandaids!"
We wrapped up today with a holiday program at my school. Brant liked to hear the kids singing and the bells. Now though, we are all relaxing in front of our own Christmas tree, enjoying what we love most, being at home together.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cowboys and birthday cake

As you can see, we've got a new "snowy" look. Brantley found a website with all these new backgrounds and he is responsible for the new look. I love it, because it's the only place that's chilly. It was 69 degrees here today...ugh!! We had a busy weekend, with the parade and dinner at the neighbor's house on Saturday. Yesterday, we went to Natalie's 3rd birthday party. Natalie is Josh and Dana Herman's little girl. Josh is Carla's brother. Brant had a lot of fun, although he is getting shy in new situations. He clung to Daddy, like the little monkey he is, for the first 20 minutes or so. Good thing Daddy was there...I couldn't hold him for that long! We all enjoyed the cake though! And Brant definitely wants to open presents now! He and his dad also built a masterpiece with Lincoln Logs. Last night, while we were watching a movie, I got on the floor to pick up some of Brant's toys. The next thing I new, Brant was on my back, grabbed the neck of my sweater like reins, and yelled, "I a cowboy! Yeeha horsey!" Mom Mom, you may have to look for those cowboy outfits! It's still amazing how much he takes in. Brantley and I were discussing our kitchen project (yes...we are still working on it!) and I called Brantley's name, speaking to Big B. Little B looked a me, and said, "Are you talking to Little Brantley or Big Brantley?" Oh, life is fun here! Never know what's going to happen next!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The cookie cannibal

We've really had a lot of holiday spirit around here! We finally got to make our Gingerbread cookies, and boy, was that an adventure! Last year, I bought a set of 40 Christmas cookie cutters, just so I'd be ready for them this year. You know, it seems like when you need something, it's never available, so I wanted to be sure I wasn't foiled my my great cookie adventure. I pulled them all out and washed them. Then, I got the flour, rolling pins and cookie sheets ready. Finally, we were ready for the fun part. I put a hunk of dough in front of Brant, and he just looked at it. Then he asked ,"Dis pla dough Mommy?" I told him it was food, and he could taste it if he wanted to. It took me at least 10 minutes to convince him! He always plays with his brown pla-dough, so you can understand why! We got his dough rolled out and he cut some cookies, but the next thing I knew, the remnants of the dough were in his mouth! Everytime I looked up he was eating dough! We baked the first batch and the product control tester (Brant) sampled one. He pulled his chair to the counter where they were cooling and the next thing I knew, "Crunch." Yes, I could hear it...I like my cookies crunchy! I turned my back to get the next batch out of the oven. When I turned back, several gingerbread men were missing heads! Brant was a cookie cannibal! When questioned where the heads were, he replied "Heads in my tummy!"

Grandma went with us to the Christmas Parade yesterday afternoon and we finally saw Santa at the end. Our candy jar is stocked for the next several months. If were were going to rate parades on candy quality and amounts, it would win! They were throwing Snickers and Twix...heck, even Mom and I were diving for the Snickers! :-)

Every time we see something about Santa, Brant turns to us and says, " 'anta claus comin' to my house, leaving gifts under MY tree!" So I'm sure we will only be getting jollier...for it seems we've re-discovered the magic of Christmas, because it really is a time for children. We are so happy that Brant sits and listens to the story of the nativity and snuggles our baby Jesus. It's just a wonderful adventure and sometimes, a wild ride!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

knitting needles

I've decided to make Brant a scarf, due to the sweet little neck that is exposed between his hat and coat. So, last night, using some leftover yarn, Brantley and I put a movie in, and I started on it. Little Midnight, aka Brant, woke up and decided to help me. He needed a "stick" and then, in less than four seconds, managed to complete unwrap my yarn ball! What a boy! Brant had a good day at school today, but he won't tell us what he's been doing. He does dance a lot more now, and it took us about a day to figure out that when he was patting his head, belly and toes that he was doing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!" Obvious to some, but when you don't think that he's ever heard the song, it's sometimes a surprise. It's too cute though, to see him patting and wiggling! We didn't get to cookies tonight, it was just too busy. We'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

M & Ms and biscuits

Daddy was off from work today, so he and Brant did a lot of cooking. They cooked me a surprise dinner, which was chicken pie (for those not from North Carolina it's like pot pie, but no veggies and it has a biscuit topping.) Apparantly, as they were putting the biscuits on top, Brant counted to 6 in order! I've never heard him go higher than three, so Brantley put 6 M&Ms on the counter for him to count for me. Needless to say, the M&Ms were gone before he got to six! Little Brant has really been pretending a lot lately, and we love it. His room has become his rocket, and we are "space men" when we go in there. I was unpacking a Tupperware box the other night and the next thing I knew, he was sitting in it. That's not all that unusual, until I hear 1...2...3....Dast off! Somewhere, he's learned how a countdown (although reversed) works! Tomorrow night we are going to be making gingerbread cookies (take 2). We tried last night, but the dough needed to chill more. I was shopping today and got him his own little rolling pin. It's so cute! It's red, and silicone, it's made for kids, but it's really just a third of the one for the adults, so he's really going to be able to use it! More later, love to everyone!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas parade and candy canes

We made it to another Christmas parade on Saturday, and had lots of fun watching the tractors, fire trucks and the Shriner's Hillbillies. It was a morning parade, so he had a breakfast of hot chocolate and cookies, with a side of candy! Brantley really enjoyed all the marching bands. He likes to march around the house with pot lids, or the trumpet ornament from Mom's tree. He was very quick to point out the tubas and drums! Of course, the noisiest of insturments! :-) There was a dancing Granny in the parade, complete with walking stick, bonnet and several layers of clothes on, much like Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies. We told Brant to look at the Grandma in the parade, and he kept looking for Mom! I have to say, the candy was the big hit of the day. He got lots of candy canes, and now insists that he "NEEDS" one quite frequently. I don't think he remembered these from last year, but as we were decorating our tree, he asked for his fire truck ornament. Pop Pop had one of these for each of the kids last year. When we found it, we asked him who gave it to him, and he said Pop Pop! It's amazing what their little brains remember! I think we are going to be making Gingerbread cookies later today, if we feel like it. We are all fighting the sniffles, so it may just be snuggles later.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Brantley slithers and rescues baby pandas

"Little" Brantley continues to amaze us! I don't know where he gets this stuff, but just a bit ago, he was slithering and hissing across the kitchen floor, saying he's a snake (previously, he'd run screaming from his room saying "Dere's nakes in my room!" Now he is one! Go figure! He also likes to hop into this little gap between our living room chair and side table and "rescue" baby pandas. He cradles them very gently, petting them and looking for their mama. Maybe we are raising a vet!! Our house is now decorated for Christmas. Our latest addition is an inflatable Mickey Santa that Daddy gave in to at Lowe's (can't resist at 50% off! :-) ) Brantley's job is to turn it on with the remote every day. He loves it, and to be honest, so do we!
Before he went to bed tonight, he insisted on getting down both of our Mickey ears. He put one set on me, one on him and informed me that I was Pluto and he's Mickey. The rest of the night, until he went to sleep, he called me Pluto. What an imagination! It seems we will have to go to Disney again! I think we are headed to the county seat Christmas parade tomorrow, so maybe you will see some pictures from that! We feel so blessed everyday to have such a loving and enjoyable child! Hopefully this way we can share it with all our family, since we are so spread out! Love to all! Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas