Thursday, June 30, 2011

On the way home...

On the way home, we decided to stop at the National Museum of the Marine Corps.  My father was a Marine, along with several uncles.  My brother Jeremy still is a Marine, and little Brant plays Marine all the time. So a visit to the museum seemed like a good idea.  Let me just say, WOW.  It's amazing, and will warrant another stop, as we were limited in our time. But here's a peek at the moving and awesome museum, located just outside the gates of Quantico.

The museum is made to represent the Iwo Jima memorial.

Inside a 1900s era tent. There were shadows of Marines around a fire flickering on the side.

Standing on the footprints of a new recruit.  In the sides of the area, there are speakers of Drill Instructors yelling at the recruits.

Checking out the WWI war correspondent  in a bunker. Brant asked why he was in a  "hole."

There were military field phones with a lot of the exhibits, with narrated accounts of the engagements. With the more recent conflicts, there were personal accounts.

Brant wondered about this. Then asked me if a "Marine ever bandaged  your boo boo?"

This was the neatest thing ever...this is actually the entrance into this scene, through the helicopter.  The  floor of the helicopter shook, it was hot, you could hear the rotors and feel the wash. 

Nothing like a Marine in blues...except maybe my boys in front of a Marine in blues

Then we looked up and there were more Marines helo-casting.  Brant was totally impressed with this!

Enough said.  Our family has always been "well in hand."

Part of the walk up to the museum. There is a Memorial garden as well that we didn't get a chance to explore. 
If you are in the area, you don't have to have been a Marine, or a Marine family. You only have to be patriotic and this will be a moving, meaningful experience. 

A day at the Beach!

Brant had been begging to go to "Delaware Beach," so Tuesday, we headed down to a stretch of State Park beach south of Dewey Beach.  A quick stop at Wal-Mart to pick up boogie boards and we were off!  Daddy was the instructor.  But I have to say, the water was didn't hinder the kiddos though!

Go Daddy go!

Brant wouldn't look, but his head is peeking out

The crab that hung out with us for a while

One of the submarine towers.  During World War II, they were used for spotting U-boats.   Brantley's Pop Pop was part of a unit that captured one, during World War II.
 So what is a trip to the beach without Mini-Golf?

And, we left with new family members...yep, 2 hermit crabs!  We've enjoyed them so far, Hazen got some too.  But the next day, was our trip home...

Skateboarding lessons!

Brant loves to go to "Pop Pop's Train basement" where Pop Pop's layout.  They spend a bit of time down there each trip up, and apparently, this time Brant explored some other areas of the basement.  And low and  behold, he found Daddy's old skateboard.  Brant has been wanting a skateboard really badly, but we weren't sure if it was going to be a frustration to him. But since we FOUND one, of course, we were right on it.  A quick trip to Wal-Mart for some safety gear and the boys were rolling!

Expert Daddy teaching...I didn't even know he knew HOW!

Learning the cool move of flipping the board into your hand.

Still working on it....

Hazen got a few lessons too!

He's getting it!
 Brant worked really hard getting his balance and really had a lot of fun! And several times he commented on how good it was to have the kneepads!  But even the most excited skateboarded gets tired, and changed his form...

Brant's self titled "Sit Boarding!"

Rehoboth Beach and Funland!

After dinner, we loaded all the kids up and headed to Funland. Funland is an amusement park on the boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach, and it's celebrating it's 50th year this year. It's so fun, noisy and crazy, as the rides and games are packed into a small space!  Hazen, Brant, Baylor and Delaney had a blast, and the parents did too! And of course, the evening was topped off with Thrasher's Fries and a walk to the water in the dark.  But I'll let the photos tell the story!

Shooting pirates with a water gun

Vrrrrooom!  We rode the motorcycles twice!

Hazen wanted to ride the dragon ship.  A bit of history here, as it really scared him when he rode it last year with Mom Mom.  No one wanted to ride, so Uncle B stepped it.  B had a blast.  Hazen hung on for dear life.  Bless his heart!

This was a two story high obstacle course. It was so much fun for the boys, Brant was hanging from the top, at the very top, upside down like a monkey. Crazy boy.

So you remember I said that everything was tight at Funland. This would be the bottom of the dragon ship, and the edge of the obstacle course Brant and Hazen were on.  The ship came within a foot, or a foot and a half of the building on the other side!

Totally loved the rocket planes

Delaney and Baylor on the firetrucks that Pop Pop rode when he was little.

The view out the beach

And down the boardwalk towards Dolles' Candy

What big boys. Hazen was big enough to drive and Brant was big enough to be a passenger  on the bumper cars. Pure fun and Brant just grinned and laughed the entire time.
It was such a fun night, and Daddy now has the title of Skeeball King, as he won Brant a medium AND large stuffed animal! I, however, wasted several quarters....

Too fun!  We just LOVE spending time with our family! And wait until you see what Brant found in the basement in the next post!

To Mom Mom and Pop Pop's we go!

After we went to the Build and Grow event, and a birthday party, it was time to load up the car and head to Delaware!  We had one VERY excited little boy and he asked about 3 trillion times on the way up, "Are we in Delaware yet?"  Finally, around 10:30, when we were still driving, he conked out. But don't be fooled. The minute the car stopped in the driveway, he was up and out!

We finally settled down after a bit and got a good night sleep. The next day, Sunday, was the day that Jacob and Hadley were heading to camp. Jacob was going for a week, and we wouldn't see him again, but Hadley came back the day before we left, so we got to see a bit more of her. So if you are wondering why Hazen is in all the photos, and you don't see many other kids, it's because he was our second child for the week.  And what fun we had!  

Brant had never been down on the Riverwalk, so we decided, before going out to dinner and then to the beach, that it'd be a good chance to go feed some ducks.

Cutie cousins

Strolling along...

One of the bridges. We stopped to feed the ducks here. Except it became a fish feeding frenzy. You've seen a shark frenzy..well, imagine it with about 50 or more brim...crazy!

Evans had to work that night, so we ate at the new Grotto's in town, so we could all eat as a family.  It was so fun to have everyone there, except our Happy Campers!

Sweet Delaney

Cutie pie Baylor

No words for this one, but they are two peas in a pod!