Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's project time!

Oh joyous spring!  Nothing our family likes better than to be outside in the yard, planting, playing and enjoying our home.  So when planting time comes around, it's a fun filled time full of dirty fingernails and family time!

Working on the front porch pots

And being super silly

My newest creation, thanks to Pinterest!

I can't wait to see it with the flowers big and blooming, but it doesn't look too bad now. 

We speak southern in our house!

I asked Brantley if he could make me some window always, he goes above and beyond.  These  are beautiful, make of cedar and much bigger than the puny plastic ones I had before

Isn't that a beautiful piece?  I can't wait to see it when the flowers get big

The ladder that came from the barn where Brantley grew up.  

The relaxing side garden, still waiting for hostas to bloom and get bigger.  
The rest is a work in progress, but it's getting closer to being done.  We love our house and can't wait for the lazy days of summer!

Daddy and Brant have a special time with Henry

I can't help but realize that with the start of May, my time on maternity leave is dwindling.  I can't complain though, as I only go back for one week with the students and three workdays the following week.  Then, SUMMERTIME!!   We had several deciding factors for me going back that short time, and through prayer and decisions Brant and I have made for our family, this is the best.  

Anyhoo, I was a little nervous about how well Henry would take a bottle, being breastfed, and really not liking a pacy.  As a matter of fact, when he can get his thumb, he's the most happy!  So, I pumped a bit for Daddy to give him a bottle.  And, just like the rest of his 7 weeks, Henry proved to be an adaptable, easy going baby and drank the bottle like a champ!  Daddy really, really liked being able to feed him too.  

So we told little Brant that Henry had taken a bottle really well, and since Brant didn't get to see him take the first one, I pumped again and Brant gave him a bottle this afternoon!

Melt my heart!

What's going through Henry's mind here? "Mom, stop already with the pictures!"

Brant stuck with most of the bottle, but got antsy towards the end, so Daddy stepped in to take over.

Sigh, I love my boys!

The Many Faces of Henry

Just thought you might enjoy this little montage of Henry, and some the of the expressions he makes.  One you don't see?  Crying, as he very rarely does.  Only when he's hungry does he make a little swawky cry! I'm sure we'll have some crying in the future, but right now, he's a very, very happy and content baby!  Take a look and see for yourself!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Cardinals... 2012 baseball

There's very little gap between spring soccer and baseball around here, soccer ended on Thursday and baseball started Sunday!  

This year Brant moved up to baseball, still coach pitch, but no tee.  A few friends are on the team from last year, plus friends from other parts of our life.  It makes it fun practices for both parents and Brant! 

Brant has really responded well to the coaches, which furthers my thought that it's time for me to step down as coach for soccer.  I don't know why, but kids listen to others better sometimes! 

Batter up!

Coach Jones helping him with his swing

A little encouragement from Daddy

Fielding for the other batters
So, I'm guessing we are on another red team this spring, being the Cardinals! This is just the first of a season of baseball posts!  Take us out to the ballgame!!

A Strawberry Picken' we will go!

Even with the warm winter we were surprised that strawberries are in already.  We usually do our biggest pickings close to Brantley's birthday at the end of May!  But we were happy to head out and get a head start on the yumminess.  There will be a few more pickings, I want to make jam this year, and of course, Brantley needs his strawberries for his birthday strawberry shortcake!

Grandma and buddy Brant

Henry's first time strawberry picking.  He was less than impressed.

A forced photo for Mommy, except Mommy even looks terrible!

Brant had fun adding strawberries to fill up the containers

Daddy was the fastest picker in the west!

Look how long his legs are getting!

A beautiful day for strawberries

Heading out!  These are just for eating, we'll be back for more!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

This one's for Mom Mom

So it's been a big week in the O'Day house, Brant lost his first tooth and Henry FINALLY lost his belly button!  Well, not his belly button, but you know what I mean.  Henry was six weeks old on Tuesday, and has finally had his first really "dunking" bath.  And let me tell you, Mommy was so very, very happy to have a squeaky clean, head to toe, baby! Sponge baths just don't really cut it.

His first time in the water

Other than the red-eye I forgot to edit out, I think he's pretty pleased with it!

Chillin' in the tub!  Look at those rolls growing!
This was his second bath

"Take that Mama! That's for taking my picture naked!"

Snuggly baby in his towel

As we've mentioned before, Henry has curly hair.  We keep it combed out straight, as he's inherited the crazy which way curl of mine.  But Mom Mom likes a curl on the top of the head. Usually encouraged by a bit of Baby Magic.
Not so with Henry, it only took a quick swipe of the fingers!

This curl's for you, Mom Mom!
In case you were wondering, the dentist said Brant has two more loose teeth!