Friday, January 23, 2009

Bunky, basketball and cleaning

We've had a fun week, starting off with snow and ending with a basketball game. The whole family attended BDS' basketball game and Brant had playing on the bleachers. Although, when Bunky, our Bruin mascot (and my student Garrett) came over to visit, he wasn't quite sure! After Bunky had tried to get him to High 5 and left, Brant asked me, "Why 'dat bear wear a shirt?"! Brant enjoyed watching the game and we all had fun, being together. When we got home later (after dinner at Blue Ribbon and trips to Lowe's and Target), Daddy told Brant it's time to clean his room. We then forgot about it, as we got busy doing other things, knowing we would end up in his room, to straighten up (to avoid those late night step on an action figure accidents). The next thing we knew, Brant announced "I DONE!" and ran into the kitchen. I went in to check to see what he had done in his room (suspecting his trains set up, or a rocket launch). Much to our surprise...he cleaned his room...I mean, it looked like we had done it. I promise you, there was very little visible flooring in there, and it was almost perfectly put away. Our little man has impressed us very much! Tomorrow morning, Brant is going to attend one of my schools programs called Saturday Mornings for the very young, where he'll do activities with the other students, as well as have a program about the seasons. I'll let you know how it goes. Also, Big Brantley has all the windows framed in, now, we just have to wrestle them in and buy our door! The back porch is taking forthcoming. Lots of love to all...Japan crew, long time, no talk...maybe we can catch up this weekend!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow days and a new baby cousin

We just spent the weekend in Delaware, throwing a baby shower for Brantley's sister Lindsey. As always, we had a wonderful time, but this time, we got to see Baby Delaney for the first time. Brant was very curious, and a little timid approaching her the first time, but after a bit, he got used to her, and started to check out the little pink bundle everyone was trying to snuggle all the time. When I finally got her away from Mom Mom and Grandma Francy, Brant crawled up next to me, and whispered, very quietly, lest he wake Delaney, "Her ears are SO tiny!"
We celebrated Christmas while we were in Delaware, and Brant got a baby boy Cabbage Patch doll. He's been so sweet with him, much mimicking what we did with Delaney, feeding him, pushing him in a stroller and changing his diaper.
While we were in Delaware it snowed! We all had fun with the kids playing in the flurries and drinking hot chocolate. Little did we know, we were coming home to a snow day! All of us were home today, except Daddy, who went to work, but got to come home early! Brant had a lot of fun, all bundled up like the kid on The Christmas Story. He was very excited about making a snow angel outside. He ran out, found a great unsullied patch of snow, flopped down and before he could swish his legs, popped up. Covered in snow from head to boots, he announced..."I not like snow! It's cold!" We never did get a snow angel, but we did play hard, including a short sled ride to Grandma's.
As much as we said we weren't, we spent much of the day watching the Inauguration on television. Brant enjoyed seeing the trumpeters, and the helicopter taking the Bushes on their final flight over Washington. Sometimes, it makes me think, will his kids ask him, "Where were you when Obama was inaugurated?" I wanted to be sure he could say, "My mom made me watch it!!"
Not much is going on this week, it's nice to get home and get settled again. Brantley is going to start to enclose our back porch, and replace windows in the laundry room. Lots of love to all!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

say cheese...almost

Today at playschool, Brant had school pictures! Last night, I got his clothes laid out, per Daddy's request, and washed his hair. I didn't have time to get his hair cut, especially since I only remembered picture day was today at about 6 last night! So, it was going to have to do. Brantley got Brant up, dressed and spiffed up, and headed off to school. Now, those of you who know Brant know that getting his picture taken sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't. I have to admit...I was curious to see which it was going to be today. So at 11:30, I got my phone call, to tell me how his day went. Daddy talked first, and told me he didn't want his picture taken. Or rather...he wouldn't smile for the photographer. So, trusty Miss Anissa tried to get him to smile. According to Daddy, Miss Anissa apologized...since she ended up having to take the picture too! Brant's latest thing to say is ....almost. For example, I'll ask him if he needs to go to the potty. He'll respond..."No Mommy, almost." Then, about 5 seconds later, he'll run to the potty. I guess he's exerting his independance! It's all about doing it on his terms! I picked up his application for admission to BDS today. Believe it or not, it has teacher reccomendations! Now, if we can just get Ms. Amissa there! Not a lot going on here this evening, Brantley is working, little B and I are hanging out. Amy and Austin (the next door neighbors) are coming over to play for a bit, while their Mom goes to an event. Well, I guess that is all............almost! :-)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blue Baby Teddy Bear and the return of Little Midnight

We've been a bit off schedule here lately, thus, I've not had the time to update the blog. We've had a return of Little Midnight lately. For those of you who don't know, if Brant even power naps for 5 minutes, he'll be up until 11 o'clock or later. He's NEVER been a sleeper, even as an infant he was up most of the day! So, with our schedule being a bit crazy, we've been running errands at weird times, and Brant has being taking cat naps in car...needless to say, he's been up A LOT later than usual.
One of these late nights, Brantley and I had pooped out, so we were in the bed, and little Brant was reading a book in between us. He had told us, "You go aseep, I fine." Then he rolled over and kissed his Daddy on the top of his head, and then me, just the way we kiss him good night. We were all settled in, when all of a sudden, Brant pops up, and climbs out of bed (over me, of course!). Brantley got up to see where he went, and when they came back in, Big Brantley was cradling something in his hands. I asked Brant what he had, and he told me, "Baby Teddy Bear." Daddy handed him to me, and I tucked him in bed with us. As Brant was laying with us, Baby Teddy moved around a bit, and when I asked Brant what color he was, he said "Him blue!"
Here's the picture of Long John Brantley on the pirate ship at Marbles...I gave up on my laptop...Brantley's doesn't konk out on a whim!
Yo ho bottle of rum! :-) I have to admit..even though I hit my head a few time, this was the coolest play thing I've been on!
Brant also loved the fire truck at the museum, once we convinced him he could play on it!
This morning Brant and I went to the library and picked out some books. Brant got so excited! He loves books, which I'm so happy about. I think we are going to start going on Saturday mornings, he loved it so much!
How fun to be a kid, imagination and books can take you anywhere!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Marbles and back to school

We've had a wonderful holiday break, but alas, at 6:30 this morning, it was back to school. The last week of vacation has been so fun. We made sure to take time to do some things Brant was interested in, so we took him to a children's "nuseum." The museum, named Marbles, is in Raleigh, and it's geared to kids Brant's age and to about age 7 or 8. It's a free for all, pretend play, climb and touch sort of place. We went because Melissa, the lady who cuts my hair, told us there is a pirate ship for them to play on. Boy, was there a pirate ship, complete with dress up clothes for pirates, a mop to swab the deck and a plank to walk! It was great fun for us all! The museum had a whole play city, with a firetruck to drive, and real fireman gear to play with. They used real items when they could. It was really neat, and we all enjoyed it. The best thing though, was that there were "oculators" in the gift store. Brant has continually talked about Pop Pops oculators. I had no idea what he was talking about, until he did the hand motion, like binoculars, at his eyes! I mistakenly said, "Maybe there will be oculators at the Museum store." Phew...thank goodness there were! We also had a great visit with Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Mark. Although Brant thinks they live at the airport, he loved visiting with them, and was wanted to spend as much time with them as he could (as we all did!). While taking a walk in our new jog stroller, Brant told me he had missed me today. I told him that I had missed him too, but I was glad to see my students again, that I had missed them too. Then Brant looked up at me and said, "I missed my teachers too...Miss Amissa and Miss Awanda." What a smart boy to relate the student/teacher relationship! Well, we are gearing up for Lindsey's baby shower in Delaware and can't wait to hold our new little Delaney (watch out O'Days...the baby hog is on her way!). Love to will be posted soon. We got a new camera and my laptop won't recognize the larger SD Ihave to wait for instructions from the computer guru!