Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

After what felt like a whirlwind trip to Delaware, we returned home to slightly warmer weather.  Sunday was beautiful, so we decided, as we were all actually home, to get some outside decorating done.  That completed, it was time to move to indoor decorating. Primarily our favorite part, the tree.  Daddy designated Tuesday night as the night (gasp.  we were all home AGAIN!)  It is such fun, each ornament like a wrapped present, not knowing which one was going to be pulled out.  This year Brant remembered them, and he remembered them all as HIS!  So funny!  Daddy had to show him the years written on the box, in order to claim some ornaments as his own childhood ornaments!

Henry enjoyed watching the hub bub, and even helped me hang an ornament.  The Polar Express around the tree was his greatest fascination, until sleepiness took over. 

Exploring the new stuff...look at that great crawling form!

Hanging them just right.  I love how our ornaments are clumped within Brant's reach!

A grin...

And another.  Such a sweet boy. He's gotten so big! I can't believe it when I compare the pictures of just a year ago!

Doodle woke up and started to explore again.  Mommy had fun with the new camera. 

These next ones are blurry, but priceless.  See the ornament just to his right?  The one given to me by a student a few years back>

unhuh...that one.  

Yep, faster than a speeding bullet!!

he he, so proud of himself. How much do you want to bet the ornaments are about a foot from the bottom by the end of the season??

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Third Annual O'Day Family Thanksmas

Several years ago Mom Mom and Pop Pop bought a place in Okeechobee, Florida. Since they would leaving after Thanksgiving to enjoy the warmth of a Florida winter, The O'Day family Thanksmas was born.  Celebrating Thanksgiving in the afternoon and Christmas in the evening, it's a day filled with family, noise and fun.

Henry enjoyed stretching out after the very long ride, made longer by heavy holiday traffic. 

Perfecting the art of crawling backwards, Henry ended up UNDER the TV stand.

Sweet Delaney wanted her picture taken, and being all dressed up after a recital, it was the perfect time.

Big Brother love

Everybody was getting Henry snuggles.  Brant didn't stop running around with his cousins to get any photos!

Until he had to rescue his brother from under the Christmas tree!!

Yummy!  Sleeping through the actual meal, Henry enjoyed Mom Mom feeding him his first Thanksgiving.  The menu?  Some mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes from dinner, bananas and a chickenish baby food.
Great-grandmother Dunny enjoyed snuggling with Henry too!

Henry loved her necklace

Waiting for everyone to open presents, Henry tasted the donkey from the nativity scene. 

Finally!!  It was time!

And Henry fell asleep!

But that didn't stop anyone else!  Brant tore into his gifts from his cousins, Mom Mom and Pop Pop. 

Such fun!

Rip Van Henry went to sleep at Thanksgiving and woke up at Christmas!  He loved opening up the gifts, getting a hold of the paper and tearing.  But Big Brother finally had to help him get the toys out.

And playing with them with Grandma!

Hadley showed him how the new HESS helicopter worked.

The boys handing out

Handsome Hazen

The Leighty cousins

Merry Thanksmas, err..Happy Thanksmas...well, Happy family fun!