Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's baseball time!!

Spring is here!  Baseball has officially started!  Driving through the night before, we wanted to be sure to make it to Brant's practice on Sunday, as we had missed the first one while we were in Florida.  He's progressed a lot as a player, and it was interesting to see him back on the field.  And umm..his legs.  He just shot up.  Even coach noticed!
First at bat...

Heading back after getting a few hits...

Henry enjoyed the sunshine and being back with Grandma. 

And the grass...

Pretty soon he got his catcher's gear on and got to work

Look how these babies have grown since last season!

Henry ate a small salad of clover that day

Sweet baby Josiah

Henry spotted the bats and had to have one. 

Taking second

The little kids all had fun playing together.

Heading to third...see the legs...geez?  And he has actually grown into them, his running is
much less gangle

Yep, he's gotten a lot better since this time last year!
Henry! Don't eat that!!! ha ha ha!

Our last stop in Florida: Downtown Disney

We've started stopping at Downtown Disney on the way home,  sort of to give us something to look forward too, even though we were leaving.  We usually hit the Lego store, The World of Disney and a few other places, checking out the landscaping, and sort of pretending that we are at Disney World for the day.  

But apparently, everyone else decided to do the same thing. It was slammed. Packed. Crowed.  And we don't do well with that....err, Daddy and I don't.  So our time was a bit shorter, we picked out our goodies, and ate lunch, and after a ride on the carousel, we were done. Except for the Lego store, on the way out.  

A good stop, but we were tired, and it was time to go home.  

We drove through the night and got home at 2:30 am.  Boy did bed feel great!  And with one day left in Spring break, I wonder what we could get in to?

Sights of Okeechobee

the horrendously ugly ducks


flat flat flat!

The rest of the time in Okeechobee

Friday was rather stormy and rainy, but cleared up during the afternoon.  The boys squeezed in another 9 holes, and after dinner, Brant wanted to go fishing.  Working on earning his fishing beltloop, he headed down to the dock with Pop Pop.  I followed about 20 minutes later, and enjoyed the evening on the dock.  Not much was biting, but Brant did bait his own hook!

The lilly pads with rain drops

Mom Mom and Pop Pop were getting their snuggles in with the boys, since we had to leave the next day.

Before the evening ended though, we realized we'd not been down to the Lake.  So we hopped in the van and headed down.  It was actually a bit chilly, after the rain, so we didn't stay long.

There were some fishermen on the dock,  and just as we were walking by, one caught a fairly large catfish.  Brant went over to see, and the fisherman suggested I take a photo, like Brant caught it!!
 Meanwhile, Daddy and Henry were taking a walk.  I love their hands in this shot.

And the beautiful egret...

A very peaceful way to say goodbye to Okeechobee for the year.  It's one of our favorite places to go now, and we are already looking forward to next spring break!