Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brantley: Baby product tester!

Ever since we've had a few baby showers and started to get out baby stuff, Brantley has been very interested in all of it.  His "Baby Boy" Cabbage Patch doll has tried out a lot of the stuff, even getting a new diaper and onesie!  We'll come in the living room and Percy the Polar Bear is gently swinging in the swing, napping.  It's been fun watching him explore all the "stuff."  

One of the things we've done, since we've really not had to buy much (thank goodness for the second boy!), is upgrade the items we know we'll use a lot.  We upgraded the carseat/stroller combo (love our new Chicco), and also the baby backpack.  We had one with Brant, that went to Japan with us, along with lots of other places.  But I couldn't tell you where it got to, belonging to Jeremy and Carla, it got passed to other babies in the family.  Catching a great sale at REI, Brantley got us a great Kelty pack, so we are set for our hikes and trips this summer (can be used when Henry can hold up his head).    Brantley, of course, immediately had to try it out!!

Brant loaded about as many of his animals and Baby Boy into the pack

And he's ready to go...only dinner prevented a  trial hike down to Grandma's house

Yep, passed inspection!
Based off of my last doctor's appointment, Baby Henry will be making his arrival next Friday.  I'll go in Thursday night around 8, and they'll start inducing Friday morning sometime.  I was really hoping I might go into labor ( and I guess I still could), and not be induced this time, but with my thyroid (it's completely stable and has been all the pregnancy) they won't let me go past 40 weeks.  The only way we got Friday, instead of Thursday is because we didn't like the OB on call!  As the doctor said, "There are many advantages to inducing!"  Of course, I have another appointment on Monday and who knows!?  We are all ready to move on and welcome another sweet boy to our family!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Searching for signs of spring

Daddy had to work this morning, which makes 3:00 seem like forever away.  Little B woke up with Daddy, and about every five minutes after he left, I heard "MOM!"   I guess my mistake was trying to go back to bed for a bit, but hey, I had to try.

Little B decided to make me my coffee this morning (with a Keurig) and my bagel.  I was NOT allowed to help, and it was deliciously done.  A bit of playtime in his room (we set up a classroom for his stuffed animals) Little B had the brilliant idea of going on a walk with the dog.  Seriously, we both needed to get out and get some fresh air, being a sunny, but brisk day, it was quite refreshing.   We decided we'd try and search for signs of spring on our walk through the trails at the park.  Bringing the camera to document our scavenger hunt, this is what we found.
The daffodils in our side yard.
(Not to mention, I killed a mosquito in the house the other day!  In February!)
 The first stop was the playground, and what a better sign of spring, than a happy little boy running in the sun!

Yikers!  Notice the bubble necklace he got from the Treasure Box in his classroom.  We had fun chasing bubbles around the park too!

Brady and I relaxed in the sun too

A bubble popped in his face!

Checking out his favorite rocks

The trail hike didn't show much sign of spring, at least nothing photo worthy.  We checked for the raccoon prints along the creek and found them, then took a jaunt up to the soccer fields.  Not too many signs of spring on the trees yet, but it's coming!  Especially since we've never had winter!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

First soccer practice of the Spring 2012 season

It's soccer time! Which means spring is just around the corner!  This season, Coach Katy has been sidelined for a bit, you do need to be able to see your feet and not waddle to coach the kiddos.  Once again, Big Brantley has stepped in and took to the field, even though soccer is not his sport.  Helping Coach Shaun with keeping the kids running the drills, chasing down stray balls and helping in all ways he can.  I however, have taken to the sidelines in a camp chair.  The funny thing is how many of the parents didn't realize I was pregnant...surprise!

Brant has been so excited about soccer starting, the most excited we've seen him so far.  We love that he's enthusiastic about sports, and are trying to let him try as many as he wants.  Thankfully we have a great Parks and Rec in town, where the focus is building teamwork and sportsmanship at the young ages.  

Here are few pics from the chilly first practice this week, games will be starting soon!

Brantley's handiwork completed...well, pretty darn close!

Brantley has worked so unbelievably hard on the bathroom.  Completing the bathroom in a timely (namely pre-baby's arrival) manner was important, but also a great motivator.  I only wish the pictures could capture the gorgeousness of this room.  I feel like I'm in a spa everytime I'm in there, and it's so easy to clean!  

From the new pocket doorway. 

The new cabinet and towel bar

The terrible photo of our really cool IKEA light.
Let's just face it, you'll have to come visit to really see how great it is.  I am so absolutely proud of my husband and how, no matter what he puts his hand to, it's well done.  We are so thankful that he is our sweet husband and Daddy!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A visit from George Washington

Yesterday, Brant announced to us that George Washington was our first President and President "Ovama" is our President now.  We deduced that Presidents are being discussed in kindergarten!

As I was leaving Brant's class today, after teaching Spanish, his assistant whispered to me that they were going to have a very special visitor today.  Intrigued, I questioned "Who?"  She whispered, "George Washington!"  Slipping down at the beginning of lunch, I was able to see and hear a bit.  One of Brant's classmates' grandfather is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, and does a lot of re-enactments and such.  Today, he brought his story and character to BDS.

Entertaining questions about his sword

Explaining how the flag came to be.  I didn't realize the white stripes were inserted  to show division from England...too bad I couldn't stay the whole time!  I might have learned more.  But no worries, Brant will fill me in this afternoon, he's a sponge!

Showing a picture of George Washington when he was President. 

The kids were enthralled, mainly, because he wore a sword!  But it was fun to hear their take on exactly who George Washington was, why he chopped down that cherry tree and what exactly a President is!

As I left, President Washington was getting ready to read a book to the kids.  What a fun way to learn about Presidents! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting ready for Henry

We've just had a nice long Winter Break, and tried to get some things done.  One of the major things to complete, was of course, getting back home.  But in between we squeezed in some baby preparations. Before we left Grandma's we had a little painting to do. We each had a letter to paint and we had a lot of fun doing it.  Grandma needs to join in more of our craft projects!

Little B requested the H, as that is what we will call the baby, and isn't quite on board with the fact that we are calling him by his middle name!  He keeps trying to rearrange the monogram with the H first!  (for those who don't know, it will be George Henry Samuel O'Day, named after grandfathers and great-grandfathers on 3 sides.  Brantley, of course, took care of the fourth side).

Brant also picked out a smaller H to paint, to use on something else, to be determined .  He painted a B for himself a long time ago in the same style and baby brother had to have one too.

Mom and I had forgotten how relaxing painting was.  Besides, it was fun to have the project to do, knowing it was for the baby.

Of course, getting home and getting some things together for Henry was high on the priority list.  The boys put the crib together (this photo really doesn't show how cozy it is).

And then we started pulling things out of the attic, to wash and get ready.  Brant was thrilled, especially since a lot of it was his.  And of course, his cabbage patch doll, "Baby Boy" was able to try it all out.

Baby boy was tucked into the swing, with Brant's Percy bear and a few other snuggle  items.  Of course, this was while watching Star Wars.  Brant sat on the chair he brought in, so he could swing the baby.

Later it was Baby Boy's nap time, in Brant's old jammies, of course!

Our baby nook.  We have a small, cozy home, that we've used our space as well as we can.  Once again, a little rearranging and help from IKEA and we have managed to keep Brant's room, Brant's room.  An addition is in the future, but for now, we are cozy and cuddly!

The letters were dry, and ready for the next part of the project.  My handy helper was ready to cut!

The frames

The finished project (baby blue and brown, don't know why the color is off).  Brant helped me glue  the fabric and letters.  These will eventually go over the crib. 

So, things are getting in place around here, just waiting for Henry to make his arrival.  Things are progressing along that front as well, with the doctor quite surprised in the difference a week can make.   We shall see, he will make an appearance on March 8th, if not before.  It's getting close!

Canine craziness and Feline follies

While we were staying at Grandma's our animals did too.  Mom was a very gracious hostess, as she is not normally used to a dog in her house.  Brady, of course, took full advantage of being at Grandma's, and, as every good grand-dog knows, what happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's.  He slept on the sofa almost every night!

Bailey made his way down there as well, wanting to be with us. He would venture down to visit Grandma and Tucker occasionally.  But the stay created a relationship that the two cats seemed to enjoy. 

Kicking the cats off the bed, Tucker, the skittish kitty, was quite the host as well, but didn't like  Brady quite as much.

But Brady sure did enjoy his time there.

Of course, we were expecting this next photo eventually, but it was still funny.  Brady actually crawled in WITH Brant!  

Kids and animals always make for a good time, so glad we have both in our life!

Snow Day! The first snow of the 2011-2012 winter

If you recall, Brantley got a new sled from Santa this year.  Daddy and I were pretty sure we'd get at least one snow, but we'd seemed to have jinxed it.  It's been a really nice winter, warmer than usual, some days in the 60s and higher. As a matter of fact, Saturday was one of those days. We had the windows open, and Brant and I were wearing flip flops with our jeans.  So it was pretty unbelievable to start seeing snow predictions for Sunday and Sunday night. 

But snow it did, and it was beautiful.  We were all excited for Brant, who couldn't wait to get out in it!

If you look carefully, there is snow falling.

So excited to see the snow!

It really started to get cold (well, to us, since we've been used to the 60s, 30s felt freezing), and after running around a bit in the falling snow, a hot bath and hot chocolate were in order.  We all gladly watched the snow fall from the living room, and even Brant was satisfied to be warm and toasty, watching Star Wars.  Heading to bed, the snow was still falling and plans were made to go sledding first thing in the morning, after my doctor's appointment at 8:30.  

By 9:15 when we were leaving the doctor, it had started to melt at an alarming rate!! At least for ones will sledding plans.  So calling Grandma, we asked her to get him bundled up and ready to go.  Little did we know that he was already out, with Amy and Austin, our sweet next door neighbors!
Brant and Amy with their snowman.  You can tell how warm it'd gotten, Brand only had on his sweatshirt!

Getting ready to throw a snowball at me!

Luck of the Irish to get a little snow for a happy little boy

We only got a good inch or inch and a half, but it sure does make it look pretty
I took a quick spin down to the park to check out the hill there, to see if there was still enough snow for a few slides.  There was, so we all headed down!

The new sled proved to be very fun, and Mommy REALLY hated sitting this year out!  



It didn't take long for Brant to start another snowball fight with his Daddy!  Watch out little B, Daddy's got one heck of a pitcher's stance there!

Brant enjoyed munching on snow too

Sam and Amy took a few slides

Got 'em!
Before long, even the kids got cold from rolling in the snow.  We headed in, dried off and headed out to the grocery store.  We like this kind of snow, already out of school, the roads clear, and being able to enjoy the snow as a family!