Monday, May 27, 2013

Backyard brothers

After we got back from Delaware, Brant and I went to school for the day.  Thankfully, it was Friday, and Memorial Day weekend gave us some time to catch up on everything that stopped when we left.  But the weather was nice, and after that new battery was charged, Brant had the gator rolling through the backyard. Brother just loved it, especially with Big Brother's arm making a seatbelt for him!

The weekend was spent with a mix of birthday (to come in another post), baseball and playing in the yard. Brant had a bit of make up work to do, so he carried his Lego table outside and set up a desk.  Henry wanted to join him, so I fixed both the boys a snack, and they had a little picnic.  I just couldn't resist the sweetness of the two boys together at the table.

one with legs so seems his were just dangling from the chair his brother is in
(that was Grandma's when she was little)


Little Brant's Birthday 2013

Brant started the countdown for his birthday right around May 1st.  First he couldn't wait to see if it was in the 10 day forecast...then, how many days til the day...then to his birthday treat he wanted, instead of a party... but around May 12th things started to go wonky.  Mom Mom Dunny, Daddy's grandmother, went into hospice, and everything went on hold.  Not knowing what was going to happen, we prepped Brant, and were prepared when Dunny went to Heaven on the 18th.  

Realizing that we would be driving home on Brant's birthday, after the funeral, later that evening, we all gathered for cake and ice cream.  Mom Mom had taken Brant on a shopping spree, and Mommy and Daddy scrambled to get a Star Wars cake on short notice (thank goodness for Wal-Mart!).  It was just what we all needed, a happy occasion, but one where it still felt like Dunny was sitting at the table, eating her cake too. 

Brant placed the candle to look like a bomb attacking the Death Star

silly boy, all excited to celebrate with his cousins.  Henry is just overwhelmed!

3 D plates were lots of fun...

YES!!  So good to be in the right ball team area!  And let me tell you, that's some yummy ice cream!

Playing with the Hex bug habitat from Mom Mom and Pop Pop

Opening gifts from Mommy and Daddy and Henry: a cub scout camp chair, cub scout safety whistle, Skylanders, a Lego kit from brother and a Star Wars t-shirt

The next morning we loaded up.  We had promised Brant that if it was open, we'd stop at Taylor and Messick, a big John Deere store we always pass.  It's the "Home of the long green line" or something like that, but there are always lots and lots of tractors, combines and real farming equipment, not just mowers. It's also where Pop Pop's gator came from, and the little gator Brant loves.

Brant loved looking around, and picked out a new tractor toy.  Henry got one too, I mean, come can never have enough!  Also, very pleased to get...a new battery for his gator.  The lady at the front desk overhead me saying something to Brant about his birthday, and she, in turn, told Brant to go pick out a hat!  He left with a load, including pens and notebooks from the employees!

We stopped for dinner at Brant's choice, Cracker Barrel.  I didn't get any photos of the special dessert and singing, because we were pooped.  With only an hour left in the trip, we were all antsy.

Grandma had the gate decorated with a banner and balloons, and more presents to open!

My mommy guilt got the better of me, because if you look back at all the birthdays for the boys, you see some family traditions.  Pancakes, parties, etc.  I guess I put a lot of extra pressure on myself, because Brant didn't even ask about those things.  He was happy to be with his family (and get presents! :-) ).  Maybe it's time to chill out Mom, because it seems that the lessons of love and family we've been trying to teach have been learned.

Happy birthday to our sweet 7 year old boy!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Agent Orange...Field Day 2013

Field Day finally arrived!  Brantley and I were finally on a team together, as he is in first grade.  Getting the color orange for our team, the kids voted on a names, chose a theme song, designed an entrance and then competed in a variety of unique and fun games.  Starting out in the gym in the morning, we moved outside after lunch.  Daddy, Henry and Grandma joined us for the morning activities, and lunch, but had to leave after that.  So there's not any photos from the outdoors portion, but we were all wiped out anyway!   While we took third place this year, in the wise words of Ms. Amy, the PE teacher, "If you had fun, you won!"  And boy did we have fun!

Balloon relay, racing while keeping a balloon squeezed between them

The fish throw, throwing a rubber fish and having to catch it in a bucket.  All the kids made it!!  

he he.  Funniest relay, running with a noodle between the legs and giant glasses on!

"Mommy, will you sign my shirt?!"

Action shot!

Team corner

Grandma entertained Henry if he got antsy.  

Running a relay with the big kids

Henry was the official team mascot, in the words of the kids

H, Maddie and Natalie

see, always in someone's arms

Brant and best friend Natalie. So sad she's going to another school next year

What fun!  Wonder what color we will be next year?!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Play Ball!

Tonight we finally got to play ball again!  With rain and a bye, we've gone a week without a game.  Brant got some new catcher's gear, so he got to try it out tonight.  It's much more comfortable for him, as he'd grown so much his old was too small! 

Serious talk here with buddy JM

Neighbor Jeremy came too!  Jason, our other neighbor was on the opposing team, so Jeremy got to see both boys play!

Lucky number 7 this year!  The addition of the pitching machine has created a challenge for Brant. The timing is different, and the pitches seem to be all over the place.  But he's getting hits, and had a great one tonight.

Waiting to get gear on and mini-me

Hangin' in the dugout

Getting ready for a pitch

A hit!! run run!!

Waiting on first

all geared out

That's our boy!