Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We have a sitter!

A few days ago we got Brantley's high chair down for Henry.  We had noticed that he liked sitting up higher when we were all at the table, and he really interacts with us there. He loves his cereal, both oats and rice.  When he was at Great Grandma's he had a little applesauce mixed in and scarfed it all.  When we eat at the table, he watches us and opens his mouth too!  So we started on cereal twice a day.  Tonight he had squash and couldn't get enough!

Mommy went back to work yesterday.  It was a rough day, overwhelming, teary, emotional....on top of the faculty meetings and such.  So I was more than ready to come home and be with my boys.  This starts the long schedules where we don't see Daddy that much, especially since the only schedule he'll be working is 3-close, so he can be with Henry during the day.

So after dinner, Brantley wanted to play Legos, so Henry and I sat on the floor in Brant's room.  Henry usually just kinda leans against me as we build, but last night, he reached for his toy.  And stayed sitting! no propping, no tripod, just sitting straight and tall.  You still have to keep a hand near by, for those sudden urges to put his feet in his mouth throw him off balance, but we definitely have a sitter!!

He loves sitting on his playmat, a whole new point of view!

And baths with brother got easier, although we really don't take a hand away there.  But it's safe to say,  the baby bathtub is going to the attic.  A twofer in the tub is way more fun!

Look at those blue eyes! Crazy!
Can you believe it?  can you?  I can't.  He's such a little guy, but has learned so very, very much in 5 months!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lots of visitors!

The best part about this trip was seeing our family.  We had a great time introducing Henry to them, and Brant really enjoyed playing with everyone.  The Tobins are such a fun, playful, teasing family, there is just nothing like it!

Aaron, in college, kept Henry in his lap for along time.  Henry just adored him!

We decided to enjoy the reprieve in the weather and sit on the porch.  I took this photo from the swing, where Brant and I were. 

Aunt Terri stopped by for some baby snuggles and  fun with Brant!

See?  They just aren't right :-)
 Not long after Terri arrived, Aunt Resa came!  Followed by the rest of her family.  Brant and cousin Ben (in high school) headed out to play catch in the back yard while we all visited.  More family dropped in, but I somehow didn't get any more photos.

Grandma and Henry, having a deep conversation.
Little B just adores Grandma, and the feeling is mutual.  He thinks one of the best things is the cellar.  The door opens up in the kitchen floor (I was always scared to sit on it, thinking I might fall through!).  The last night we were there, Aunt Carol, Aunt Cathy, Ashley and I all took Brant down.  We found old tools, I mean OLD, like the ice tongs they used to carry blocks of ice with, and pick ax.  There is still coal down there, and you can examine the hand-laid stone foundation.  Brant disappeared for a minute, running up the steps.  I heard him return, followed by slower footsteps.  He had wanted Great grandma to come down too, and she did!  

Love love love our trips to Lancaster, and they are too far apart.  Hoping to get up sooner this time, to make more memories with the boys!

A visit to the fire station

Uncle Dave is a Lt. with the Lancaster Division of Fire and we decided we'd try and go visit him at his station.  It was so fun, because Great Grandma came with us! Uncle Dave was so patient, fielding ALL our questions, letting us climb in the medic units and showing us the ins and outs of the ladder truck.  Brant declined climbing into the passengers seat where Uncle Dave sits.  I, however, really, really had to fit the temptation to push the pedal for the horns! 

Dave even gave Brant a Lancaster Fire Dept. hat!
 We spent the rest of the day relaxing at Grandma's.
Grandma and Henry really seemed to have a special bond.  Henry's first name, George, is after Grandpa Tobin. 

In Great Grandma's kitchen

Aunt Cathy stopped by each evening for a visit with her daughter Ashley!
 We also went to my favorite childhood park, Rising Park. It was established in the early 1900's and also at the foot of Mt. Pleasant.  We had a hike up Mt.Pleasant the last time we were about it here  We had planned on hiking it again, right up to arriving at the park, but Daddy's knee has been acting up, and honestly we were lazy and just wanted to play. I'm not complaining. That overlook make my hands sweat!
the original merry-go-round.  The only place I know of one now. 

Cutie boys

Sort of a teeter totter

The pond in the park, where we used to go ice skating in the winter

Love that park!  So glad Brant will have memories of it too!

Off to Great-Grandma's we go!

After our short stop in Ironton, we drove 2 more hours up to Lancaster to stay at Great-Grandma's house.  Grandma Tobin is 92, and still living on her own, in the house she was born in!  She's lived there all of her life, except for a month that she was in Oklahoma, when my Grandpa was in the Army, pre-WWII.

One of the great things about Lancaster, besides our family, are all the parks!  And the school playgrounds are open to the public!  About 2 blocks from Grandma's is East Elementary School, where I went to kindergarten.  Brant named it "East Side Park", and played on it several times while we were there.  

This playground has been updated, because, it's a miracle we survived our childhood with wooden swings and towering metal slides.  Don't you remember, you climbed, and climbed and climbed to get to the top, teetering as you sit down and get ready to slide.  And halfway down your legs are burning, as the slide has been baking in the sun!  

Henry took a nap while brother played

Fighting battle droids

The new-fangled teeter totter.  Don't you remember slamming your friend down and popping up and down.  Now it's more of a bounce

Painted on the ground is a large map of the U.S.  We had a little geography lesson while we were there.
He correctly identified Florida

North Carolina

and squeezing onto tiny Delaware.  As well as Texas and California! Don't know where he learned that!

I distinctly remember walking out of this door one day and grabbing my mom's hand to walk home. Only it wasn't my  Mom!  The horrors!! My classroom was just to the right of the doors. 

Of course, Great Grandma was the main attraction!!

February, March, April

Remember the blogs, say about 6 months ago, when I mentioned that my cousin Karen and my cousin Patrick's wife and I were all pregnant at the same time?  Karen was due in February, I was due March and Jennifer was due in April, but actually ended up delivering on St. Patrick's day, making the boys only 11 days apart!

On our way up to Lancaster, we stopped to see Aunt Terri and Uncle Bob.  And as a bonus, baby Brody and his mom and dad were able to come by!!

Proud Grandparents.  I took several of these, and someone's eyes were closed in every one!

Relaxing!  Just missing sweet little Lila Rose in the middle!

Hey cuz, let's be buddies!
 A short, but very sweet visit!  I hope these guys are as close as my cousins and I were growing up!
(in case you were wondering, Little B was there, but never stopped moving long enough for a picture! and when he did stop, he was crashed out on the couch!)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Backyard brotherly fun!

We spent this absolutely gorgeous day outside in our backyard.  Finally sunny weather again, we were headed to the pool, but decided instead to get out Brant's slip and slide and enjoy our space.  

Henry wasn't sure about the spraying jets, but got used it it.  Big brother Brant shielded him from most.

But brrrrrr....that water was chilly.  Henry snuggled under the sportbrella for a little rest and warmup.

Brant kept on sliding!  don't you love the goggles!

And Grandma can't resist a baby!

That boy has some crazy hair if we don't keep it combed down!

Tired of sliding, he just decided to chill a bit in the pool and spray at the end.

Yep, he's good! Two thumbs at once!

And those toes