Friday, September 28, 2012

The Carousel Festival and Mom Mom and Pop Pop

Summer came and went and we didn't make it to City Park to ride the train.  It was just too hot, or we didn't remember, or Doodle was napping.  And the summer just flew by.  So the Saturday before Henry's Christening was the Carousel festival.  Our park has a historic Carousel, and the festival honors it.  All the rides are free and it's great family fun.  It's also one of the last weekends the rides are open, so we HAD to make it for a ride!  Mom Mom and Pop Pop were in, so they came with.

We made a bee line for the train.  Waiting in line, we thought we were going to get on, but no, we were first for the next ride.  You know what that means??? Best seat on the train! The caboose!!

Pop Pop and the boys had the honors

A few rides around, we were off to explore the rest of the festival.  It was hot for the second weekend in September, but we checked out the crafts, chatted with friends and finally, it was time to go.  But not without a ride on the carousel.  I wanted to take H on it, but he zonked out.  So Brant and I got in line.  And don't you know it, we were stopped before we got on, to be the first on the next ride!! 

Waiting for our turn

Enjoying the bench

Brant chose rabbits for us to ride, because he liked their ears.  
There is nothing better than a ride on a carousel.  Except maybe watching your kids on one.  Classic fun, and a good day for all!

Blogging backlog

We've been back in school about a month now, and our family is finally starting to get it together.  It's been quite the adjustment, with Mommy having been home for so long, and Daddy's schedule changing, and fitting in early morning nursing and such.  But we are learning, and everyone is starting to get into a routine. 

Except for my blogging.  It keeps getting pushed to another day.  So when I flip through the photos on the card, I see so many things I had hoped to blog about.  So here's a smattering of what our life has been like lately. 

Boys. Brothers. Buddies

Silliness, Brant was taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.

We love the park that's just down the block from our house.  It's nice to be able to walk there, for short trips.  The big thing about being in first grade at BDS is that the "blue bars" aren't off limits anymore.  The blue bars are a right of passage.  High, old fashioned monkey bars and climbing things.  A holdover from the playgrounds of our generations youth.  But it frustrates Brant to pieces because he couldn't master the monkey bars.


Follow me Mommy!

Brady is always the star of the show. This time two little kids followed him and Grandma around the whole time we were there!
 A night or so before we went, Brantley walked down to the park with Grandma.  In his words, a "Big" kid was playing there, on the monkey bars.  So Brant watched him, and the Big Kid gave him pointers.  The next thing I knew....
Brant was a pro at the monkey bars!

Doodle was enjoying his keys.
The new camera is a source of enjoyment for us all, and under close supervision, Brantley has wanted to take some photos.  I allow him too, as it's a great skill to have. But it make ME the subject!!  So Brant enjoyed being the photographer and ordering me around the playground.

One of the locations chosen by Brant!

Tiger Cubs, the first month

Monday nights are Scout nights.  The whole family looks forward to them, it's a chance to spend time together, and do some activities that are different from what we do on a normal basis. And of course, any organization that means you can go camping more is a bonus!

The Scout kickoff was on Labor Day, at one of our local parks on a lake.  It was to include fishing, hiking and general outdoor fun. Until Mother Nature decided otherwise. 

So handsome in his uniform!

Setting off to the Labor Day picnic
 Yes.  The boys had set off for a hike.  The grill was just right, the fishing poles were ready.  And a HUGE storm rolled in.
A little rain doesn't stop the Scouts. 
But a park that is being closed because the storm is so bad does!  So we all loaded up the food and kids and went to the church fellowship hall, extremely wet, and hungry.  Everyone was in a great mood though, laughing at how wet we were.  It occured to me, as I was running up the trail to the parking lot with a tackle box and three fishing poles, that I actually couldn't get any wetter.  So I walked!  Brant still talks about that day, quite the adventure, hiking in the pouring rain!

We've had several meetings since then, and every fourth Monday is the Pack Meeting, where awards are given out and announcements are made (Popcorn anyone?? Starts tomorrow! :-) )  Brant was due to get his Instant Recognition paw print, for learning the Scout sign, Scout pledge and Scout salute.  Brant is also due to get his permanent award Recruiter's patch. Because he's recruited not 1, not 2, but 3 BDS friends!  Zaid and John are on either side of him in the photo, and Christopher wasn't in the photo, as it was his first night.

Not really sure what is going on here but I think about 2 seconds later, Zaid(in the middle) started saying the Scout pledge.

Cub Master Matthews showing everyone the Paw Print.

Brant getting his, along with a bead!

Brant really, really likes being a Scout!!
There are so many neat things coming up this year, campouts, Space Derby, Pinewood Derby and a sleepover on the USS Yorktown.  It's so much fun, that Mommy and Daddy decided to lead Brant's den! Yep!  We are a Scout family!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Henry's Christening Day

What a day!  Our family was blessed to share sweet Henry's Christening day with family and friends. 

For a week we've been watching the forecast, showing a lovely weekend for an outside Christening lunch, but somewhere we missed the rain moving in.  We awoke, around 4 am, to the cozy sound of rain.  RAIN??  So we were up, checking the radar.  Relieved, it was supposed to move out by 8 am.  Then 11 am.  Finally, we gave up and got set up inside.  While not prefect, it was definitely cozy in our little house!  But it was beautiful and so good to have a happy occasion to celebrate. 

The beautiful cake and photos from Boy and Girl Photography

The beautiful AND delicious cake from Meredith Wilkerson

Soon, it was time to get dressed and head to church.  Grandma and I had gotten Henry's gown ready to go.  It was first worn by Hannah, who will be 20 in February.  All of the Grandmothers and Great-grandmothers have sewn on it, on all sides, including Brantley's Dunny.  On the hem are shadow-work medallions, sewn by  my adopted mom, Wanda Chandler. We grew up with her girls, and I still consider them my best friends.  However, we ran out of medallions, so Grandma added a new one, and I added Henry's monogram.   The gown was completed by having Daddy's baby ring sewn in the hem, along with a small cross from Grandma. It was also a nostalgic day, as Henry is the first grandchild not to be baptized by my Dad.  

All through this Little B had seen us working on the gown, but when we put it on Henry, he said, "He's NOT wearing that DRESS!!"  We all chuckled, and really, he was a beautiful, angelic little baby boy today.

Entertaining the family

Sigh.  An angel

Introducing Henry to the church

Henry was enthralled with the water in the font

"I baptize you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen."

During the prayer, Henry started playing  with  Dr. Marlowe's sleeve on his alb.

Right before Henry deftly removed Rev. Angela's glasses

After the baptism is was soon time for children's time.  Brant was thrilled to have Amy, Austin, Natalie and Cade go with him. 

After church, we snapped this great photo.

So, after church, it was still damp, but the party was on!

Henry conked out on sweet Savannah

Lynn came over with Ricky

And these beautiful girls were hiding in the corner

The guys were camped out watching the game.  Notice the table in the  living room.  Yep, we actually seated 24 people in our house!

The kids had a table in Brant's room.  But first, it was part of the battle, and a fort.  How funny is this photo, with the light saber glowing like that!

And it never fails, where a grill in on, people will gather. That was the most delicious smelling  grill smoke. 

Amy had fun running around with the kids

Aunt Carla and Henry, who shed the gown for a pair of Carhartt overalls

Cade, wielding the sword from Legoland

Where there is cake, there are kids!

I love the look of the boys faces in this one.  Henry is seriously thinking how he can get to it!

And no family event is complete without Mom Mom and Pop Pop!

Such a beautiful, special day!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

6 Months ago...

Our day begins with a jolt, every morning, from the alarm clock.  The mad dash to get out of the house for school is only interrupted by the sweet snuggle/nursing time that I get with Henry and Brant for just a bit.  And so, it quickly passed through my brain that today was Henry's 6 month birthday.  I planned on noting his arrival in my head at 8:23 a.m., but work got me distracted.  So pardon me as I look back at this day, six months ago...

So tiny, and Daddy was so tired.

Your dark, dark hair and eyes

 You have grown so much!  You are eating squash, green beans, peas and sweet potatoes, in addition to rice and oatmeal cereals. You still like to nurse (thank goodness, Mommy would be sad!) several times a  day, and Daddy gives you bottles when Mommy is at school.  Don't even ask how the milk gets in the bottles.  Trust me, it's liquid gold.

Henry Doodle, you are so happy. When I call to see what you are up to, Daddy replies, "Just Doodlin'".  You laugh and laugh at your brother, give us huge grins when you see us and are starting to put your arms up to be picked up.

You can sit up by yourself and you are starting to scooch when you are on your tummy.  When we stopped at Chick-fil-a today, you stood up and held onto one of the toys at the toddler area.  And you did not want to sit down after that!  You love your excer-saucer, and love to chew on the horns of the three giraffes you have.  No teeth yet, but boy, you sure are working on them!
Our greeting, whenever we look his way!

In the middle of an , "ahhhhhahhhhhahhhhhhh!"

Adoring eyes for his brother

Enjoy the park today.  Swing was a bit big, but we took a gentle swing.

Happy 6 month birthday Doodle!!  Can it really be you are halfway to one??