Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Day out in Winston and a "bully" bee

We had some business to do in Winston today, and planning to go to SciWorks with Brant, we ran out of time. So we made a quick stop at Old Salem, a favorite of us all.  A romp through the square, a visit to the Salem College bookstore (and the Main Hall restrooms!) and some yummies from the bakery, we were all ready to head home. But here are a few photos from our brief, but refreshing visit.  Whatever it was that called to me to attend Salem, it's still there in my heart.  Strong are thy walls Oh Salem!

Single brother's house

Main Hall

Strolling with Grams

My boys

Wow.  um.  Not our best photo, but it's us!  And we rarely make a family appearance in the blog, so here we are!

We made it home in time for Brant to go to the final night of Vacation Bible School.  He had a great time while he was there this week, but a pesky "bully" bee (his words!) stung him just below his eye when he was leaving tonight.  It was quite the ordeal, with puffy eye, and tears.  Grandma even offered to go to Six Scoops to get him ice cream.  No!  Finally, a snuggle from concerned little brother helped to turn the tide of tears.  Sweet boys, how we love them!

The tale of the lost lost tooth

Once there was a little boy who would not pull his tooth.  He wiggled it forward, he wiggled it backwards, but he would not pull it!  His coach offered to put him in catching without a mask to knock it out, and others offered advice.  He even got a paper towel and tried to pull it, but didn't like it AT all. 

So the tooth wiggled.  and wiggled.  and wiggled.  And gave Mom the willies.  

The little boy woke up yesterday morning and wiggled his tooth one last time.  And it came out!  He put it in a baggie until an envelope could be found. 

The little boy was so excited that he took his tooth, in the baggie, out in the yard to show Grandma.  Playing outside all day long, the tooth was forgotten. 

Then, when it was time to put the little boy to bed, he couldn't find it!  The little boy, Mommy and Daddy, and even Grandma, looked high and low.  It wasn't to be found!  The yard was searched with flashlights, the house was cleaned and the trash was even gone through.  No tooth!  

Finally, we decided to write the tooth fairy a note, explaining what happened, and asking her, that if she saw the tooth in the yard, to take it with her.  Mommy thought, that since the Tooth Fairy deals with children, that she must be an understanding fairy.  Note tucked under his pillow, the little boy went to sleep. 

The next morning, a dollar was under the little boy's pillow.  When the Mommy and Daddy went outside in the sunlight, they searched the yard high and low again.  The tooth was not to be found!   Mommy, Daddy and the little boy, all agree, the Tooth Fairy MUST have flown the tooth away!

Thus is the tale of the lost lost tooth!

Snaggletoothed smile!

End of Season Party!!

Monday night was our last baseball game, and Tuesday night was our end of season party at Yo Zone! This week was also Vacation Bible school, and two other team members were also attending.  The three of them missed two night in a row, but what a great time they had with their team! 

Coach Jones brought pizza and drinks for all the kids, and then the town provided Yo Zone for the kids. It was such fun, and when coach gave out the trophies, he read the kids stats.  Brant batted over .500, and no one on the team batted lower than the mid .300s!  What a team!  Brant improved so much, it was almost like he had two seasons.  He was 1 for 8 in the first three games, but then only struck out 3 times in the rest of the six games  of the season (I think I'm remembering correctly).  He was third on the team for RBIs, with 12.  I know I keep saying this, but we are so, so, so proud of Brantley and how hard he worked.  

Coach Harrison had just given Brant his trophy
 Our friend Meredith surprised Henry with a new cap she made!

It matched Josiah's, her little guy.  The mommies were taking photos, looks at Big B's mad baby skills!

Baseball buddies enjoying their yogurt

Brant and Jex, one of the sweetest kiddos on the team
 And the night wouldn't be complete without the super silly antics of Brant and John Merritt!

And a quick photo with Coach Jones!

Meredith and John Merritt brought personalized baseball cookies for all the players!
Sigh.  What to do with our time now?  Oh, wait!  Off season practice starts soon!

Brant's final game of the baseball season

Brantley had has final baseball game of the 2012 season on Monday night.  He was very excited because we  invited one of his best buddies, Christopher AND the Formerly Japan crew to the game.  It was even more exciting because they all showed up!  

It's been a great season, and all were sad to see it end. Hopefully the team will be able to stay together for next season.  

Our Pee Wee teams didn't keep score, but unofficially, we were undefeated for the season!  Go Cardinals!

Sunday morning sillies

Oh Sunday mornings.  Does anyone else feel that once you get the kids ready, not to mention yourself, that you need a nap. Not to mention, not always entering church in the "right" frame of mind?   I must admit that we've not been regulars at church the last few months, what with Henry being born, and Daddy seeming to work EVERY Sunday morning (if you eat at Village, please remember that and be nice to those people. ) 
But, I've been making an extra effort to get us there, and on time, mind you.  So these are some quick, silly shot taken after church,  H was so adorable in his bubble suit that was his brothers (with a train, of course, from Mom Mom and Pop Pop).  But he was not ready to sit still again!

Henry's first Royals ballgame

The other night we headed over to a Burlington Royals baseball game.  Some of the team went, and we all enjoyed an evening at the ball park.  While Coach Jones thinks that the Cardinals could have beaten them, it was fun nonetheless. 
A little silly business

"I'll protect Henry from foul balls!"

Very serious.  Oh wait. They were eating nachos.


Yep, that's Henry, sporting Big Brother's hat!

A Photo shoot with the Cardinals

 Towards the end of every sports season comes the team photos.  We took our before a game, and quite honestly, these were better than the ones the photographer usually takes.  I can say, honestly, it's because the coach was so organized and brought all the appropriate props.

Look at our cute slugger, #2

The 2012 Cardinals
Back row: Coach Jones, Trey's dad, Coach Harrison, Marcie
Middle row: Tate, William, Brant, Trey, Jex
Front: Garrett, John Merritt, Jacob, James, Lucas

And of course, boys will be boys...we must take a silly shot.  Although Brant wasn't into it!
What a great group of kids and excellent coaches! Couldn't have asked for a better season!