Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Ya Ya

First of all, a belated (to her, due to time difference) Happy Birthday to Carla! We've been thinking about you all day! Well, we finally have a sunny day. We had one yesterday, but then, guess what?! Literally, the only cloud in the state (seriously, we checked the radar) sat over Gibsonville and rained. Auggh! But it was a nice evening anyway, Brantley was off, the house was clean and dinner had cooked all day in the crockpot. We had been to a little friend of Brant's birthday party, at the park, and wore ourselves out! It was fun, and Brant hogged the swings for most of the time! The park was packed, due to the fact that it was the first sunny day in a long time. After returning from the park (and falling asleep) we all got ready for dinner. I had cooked the roast, potatoes and carrots until they were falling apart. It was so yummy. As I was preparing it, Brant, my cooking helper, asked me what it was. I said beef. His reply, "Beef come from a cow!" He has started to be picky about his food. Lately, it's been pizza, macaroni and cheese and peanut butter and jelly. After turning his nose up at my dinner, Brantley made his a PB and J. Handing it to him, Brant looks at it and hands it back. He tells Daddy, "Take the peeling off!" He wanted the crust off! Also, another first! Last night was the first night without a pull-up on. And no accidents. I know there will be some, but we are officially diaper free...does everyone have waterproof mattrass pads?? Just kidding! Mom spoke to Carla last night, and she told us that a friend of theirs was killed in an ordnance explosion on Okinawa. A shell from World War II exploded as they were working with it. Jeremy and Tripp played guitars together in their praise band at church. The memorial service is at 9 p.m. (our time). Please remember Tripp's family (Amanda) and two small children, as well as Jeremy and Carla as they deal with the death of a good friend. Love to all, Us

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's raining...again

I know you haven't signed on to read a weather report, but not a lot is going on around here. It is raining again, and is supposed to until Sunday!! Another rainy weekend! Brantley has gotten the tongue and groove pine ceiling installed and stained. It's beautiful! I had a Stampin' Up party last night, which was lots of fun. You should be getting some beautiful handmade cards from Mom and me soon. Little Brant and Daddy were in his room most of the evening, but Brant did come out and helped "tamp." He's very into stamping these days, we bought a doggie stamp at Michael's a few days ago, and he's been enjoying it. Today, however, he did venture into fingerprints and then, predictably, his whole hand. The boys did bring me lunch today, and we had a little picnic in my classroom. Brant did have more fun drawing on my whiteboard! Well, we are now watching Quantum of Solace, and I keep missing key developments. Love to all...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Odds n' Ends

Life at the O'Day house has been in an allergy induced fog for the last few days, so I've not been feeling too "bloggish." But alas, Brant keeps us laughing, so matter how we feel, so really, I'm never lacking in material. I was fixing dinner the other night (quite proud of it, if I do say so myself) when I set the can of corn on the counter, preparing to warm it up. Brant walks in, "Mommy, I want CORN for dinner!" He has taken to yelling to emphasize. "Sure, buddy, go watch TV until it's ready." I emptied the can and put the corn in the microwave to warm it. As I was taking it out, the phone rang. I set the bowl on the table and answered the phone. When I turned around to look for the corn, IT WAS GONE! Looking everywhere, even in the fridge, it was no where to be found. Ah ha...when something strange is afoot, check the small one. So I went into the living room to find Brant eating corn out of the bowl, with the big serving spoon. Laughing, I put it back on the table, and finished putting the rest of dinner out. I turned around with the chicken and IT WAS GONE AGAIN! Swiper strikes again! I go back into the living room, where Brant is now seriously chowing on corn! I guess he really meant it when he said he wanted corn for dinner! When I came home from school today, Brantley was giving me the rundown of the day with Brant, what they did, school...and yes, did he poop yet? Ok, I guess, unless you are a mother of a small child this is a gross and extremely uninteresting subject. But, if you have a little one, pooping, on the potty no less, is a cause for celebration! You see, we've been having poopy issues, ever since his bout with the stomach flu and accompanying loose poopy. He is scared he's going to have it again whenever he has to go, and therefore, it's a big issue to get him on the potty. Well, today, Brantley informed me that Brant came up with his own name for loose poopy. Cringing, I ask, "What?" Poopy juice!! AUUUGGGHH!! What a horribly accurate name for it! Leave it to a kid! Well, on this disgusting (but hopefully slightly entertaining!)subject, I will bid you farewell! Love to all! Aunt Cheryl, sorry we missed your call. Aunt Ya Ya, your birthday package will be on the way soon, but unfortunately late!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Crazy Cats

I know our blog is usually about our family, but I guess our cats are part of it. It's just that it's been such a crazy day with them, that I had to share. I'll let the pictures do the talking. They've kept us laughing today! Rusty is in the dryer! Bailey in the big trash can and in the dirty laundry.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Baby Store

Last night, as Brant and I were snuggling, before he went to sleep, we were talking about his new baby cousin. I asked Brant if he thought Baylor had a Pah-Pah (what he called Paci). He said no. I then asked him if we needed to get him one, and Brant said, "No." I looked over at him, and I could see the wheels turning. Then he asked, "Mommy, where 'da baby store?" I told him, "We can get baby things at Target, and Wal-Mart." He shook his head, "No Mommy, where 'da baby store?" I said, "Lots of places sell things for babies." Looking at me like I was so silly, he said, "NO MOMMY, where 'da store Mommies and Daddies get babies at?" Stumped as to what to say, not expected to explain THAT to a 2 1/2 year old, I said, "Mommies and Daddies take care of getting the babies." He replied that he wants one to live at our house !!! First, I asked him if he wants a baby brother or baby sister. A quick reply, "A baby brudder." Then, I told him, "You'll have to share your room with him." Thinking this would get a negative response I prepared myself. He simply said, " 'Dat ok." A little later a sleepy little voice said, "Mommy, I gonna have to clean my room before he comes." Oh, the precious little one...someday sweetie, but definitely NOT today!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A New Nephew

Welcome to the world Baylor Timothy Elliott. I think I spelled Baylor correctly, but he was born last night at 9:30ish. He weighed 8 lbs. 1 oz and was 20 inches long. Everyone is doing well. I've gotten a picture of him on my cell phone and I'm not savvy enough to get it to my computer. I'll post a picture when I get one! Little Brantley is already talking about his baby cousin Baylor, he even told Grandma all about his picture! I guess the boys stick together! Love to you!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The new family room

Before pictures above
Hi all, not much is going on here right now, since IT'S STILL RAINING!! So I thought you might like to see what Handy Brantley has been doing on the house. The plan is we will paint the rest of the house to match over spring break, with dark brown foundation and shutters. The interior is coming along, with all insulation up. Next, ceiling...then walls, then tile flooring!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Send the ark!

You know, March in the south is a tricky month. We started with snow, by the end of that week, it was in the 80's and now, we are going to float away! It's been raining for two days now...and more to come, so says the forecast. But, if we don't drown, spring in is sight again! By the end of the week it should be warm again. We ventured out today (we were all in boots, Brant's cowboys, Brantley and I in LL Bean) to Southern States to buy seed potatoes. Yes, you read correctly, we are venturing into the world of potato planting. According to the guy at Southern States, we are already 3 weeks late, but Rhett Davis, our garden guru told me on Friday (he was at BDS for a special event) that it's not too late! We had some minor success with sweet potatoes several years ago, but these are white potatoes (some kind I've never heard of, but acted like I knew what the guy was talking about!) We shall see, the garden is plowed...but soggy. We are ready when Mother Nature about ready...we had to buy a 50 lb. bag!! Anyone need seed potatoes?? Brant is continuing to improve, but still acts a bit puny. He didn't nap today, but he's been taking 3 hour naps and going to bed at the regular time....Mom and Dad have been napping too. He's been a little cooker at Mom's house this week. Last night they made Chocolate Banana muffins, and today, Bran! Little B is so cute, when we were at Wal-Mart this morning, he told us he wanted to buy some muffins (at this point, if he wants to eat it, we get it!). We showed him the muffins and he looked perplexed. Looking at Daddy he said, " No, da muffins wit da stuff on top!" After a minute of thinking it suddenly struck us...he wanted cupcakes!! So, into our hands went a package of mini cupcakes from the Wal-Mart and white no less! Tomorrow is supposed to be soggy again. Sorry no pics today, too soggy. We are going to have a project day, I'll try and get some photos...if I'm not too gluey! Love to you all! The drippy us

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another illustrious first

Well, we've reached another milestone...the first stomach bug! Granted, we made it to almost 3 without one, but it still wasn't any fun. But, Brant's on the mend, nibbling on food, drinking more now. Although, he has learned how to milk it a bit, he walks around, sighs loudly and says (in whiney voice) "My tummy hurt," or "I sick!" It's happening less and less now, but it was quite effective until we caught on.
We took a little jaunt to Target today (Brant must not feel well if he didn't drink his Icee and eat his popcorn). We pickout out some boxers for Daddy, and later, in runs Brant, "Look at me Mommy, I wearing Daddy's underpants!"
We also had a surprise phone call from Japan tonight. It was Hannah, calling to chat as she took a break from finishing her project. It was great to just chat with her about stuff, school, great resturants over there, plans for when we go back. It's official, they are staying for another 3 years. It's hard to believe that Brant will be 6 when they get back for good. Thank goodness for technology!
It's movie time here, Pinocchio is on! We just got it today! Love to all!

Monday, March 9, 2009


It was another beautiful day today! I have to admit, I was even a little hot! Everyone is in shorts, the trees are blooming and so are the early spring flowers. Although, it is supposed to get colder later this week, I do think we have reached the end of winter! At last! I came home from school and Brant and I spent most of the evening outside. He and Amy (the neighbor) chased each other around the yard, screaming and rolling in the fresh spring grass. We also got some flower beds cleaned up. When I picked up my rake, Brant asked me what I was going to do. When I told him I was going to clean out the flower beds he looked genuinely puzzled. Then, with a big smile, he said, "Mommy, dem's not flower beds...dat's a gahdin!" Silly Mommy! I've think I've forgotten to update you all on some recent "firsts" and other accomplishments Brantley and I are busting our buttons about. First of all, and VERY important, Brant now pee pees in the potty like a big boy. One day, he ran into the bathroom, all by himself, got his stool, and did it! He now goes basically unassisted!! I can't believe it, he just did it all by himself. Also, Brant has his first chore. His job is to unload the silverware from the dishwasher tray. He is so good at matching that it's an easy job for him, but he's very proud when he finishes, and gets a high five from Mom and Dad. A couple of nights ago, after finishing dinner, I was clearing the table, and asked Brant if he was finished. He said yes, and I took his plate. "No Mommy, I need da fork!" he yelled at me. I gave him back the fork, he jumped up, went to the trash can, scraped his plate and put it in the sink!! I must admit, I did a double take!! But it's been repeated several times! Oh, if only the joy in chores would last!! But I am impressed! Ooops, there goes another button! :-)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

We belong in the zoo!

Talk about wacky weather, it's 81 degrees today, bright and sunny! We headed to the NC Zoo today, and totally wore ourselves out! Last night Brant spent the night at Grandma's for the first time. We got a phone call about 3:30 in the morning, telling us he wanted to come home! Brantley and I had gone to the auction for Burlington Day and got home around midnight. After we set our clocks forward, with made it one, we got to bed. All I can say is thank goodness we live so close to Mom!
We've been telling Brant that we are going to the zoo on Sunday. So we woke him up this morning by whispering, "It's Sunday" in his ear. After a few sleepy minutes he popped up and said, "It's Sunday? We gonna go to da zoo! And see da wions! Roaaaaar!"
I have to say, this was one of the most incredible days at the zoo. It was like the animals themselves were enjoying to good weather. They were so active and close. We had close encounters with elephants, antelope and the polar bear. The polar bear was so fun! He was swimming laps, going under the water, then popping up right by the view area. When we went to the underwater viewing area he ended up rubbing his belly right on the glass, and popping up right in front of us. It surprised us all the first time, and he did several times after that! The grizzly bear was also taking a swim. We also got a great view of the "Wions." They were still gnawing on their lunch. It was the busiest I've ever seen the zoo, and I have to admit I felt a little possesive. We usually have the run of the place, and it was hard to share. There were soooooooo many families with small kids, it was enjoyable just watching them. It's so cool that we have such a great zoo here in NC. But of course, by the time we got to North America (returning visitors remember to start in Africa, it'll be downhill that way) we felt like we belonged in a zoo. We hit the gift shop (which had a power outage and they had to figure everything by hand, along with our 10% took a little while!) and hopped on the zebra bus and headed home. Now we are enjoying the spring evening, love to all! Us

Monday, March 2, 2009

'Dere's Snow Everywhere!"

WOW! Mother Nature dumped a Spring Surprise on us! We got around 6 inches of snow last night and have enjoyed playing in it all day. Brantley woke up, looked out the window and said, "Look! It's a 'nowy day! 'Dere's 'now everywhere!" Breakfast was postponed as gloves and boots were found and donned and off we crunched through the fresh white snow. It is the deepest snow Little Brant has seen, and to be honest, it's the deepest we've seen in a long time. Unfortunatly, it's not good packing snow, so we couldn't build a snowman, but we made some great snow angels. We trudged down to Grandma's house, and visited with Mom Mom and Pop Pop. Grandma made blueberry pancakes and we all stuffed ourselves. Before Brantley went to work (yes, the Village Grill operates on the same priciples as the Post Office) we finished our puzzle. It's a great snowy day, wish you all were here!