Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A little Phillie Phunny...

As you know, we are pretty big Phillies Phans around here.  As the regular season is winding up and the Phils have clinched the division title, we are enjoying watching the rest of the games, to see who the Phils will be playing.

So, courtesy of one of my friends on Facebook, I found something fun.  Thought you might like to share in our chuckle,  so click the link and enjoy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Apples, apples, apples....

As Johnny Appleseed's birthday rolled around, so did the Kindergarten division's Apple Day!  Usually at the end of a week of apple activities, this year it kicked the week off! (due to the fact that we started school two weeks later than usual).   Rotating through four rooms, the kids got to play apple games, do apple Smartboard activities, make apple art and the room I was helping in, make mini-apple pies. 

Checking out the Smartboard

Apple art!

Yummo, making apple pies!  In a cupcake wrapper the kids put a Nilla wafer in the bottom, apple pie filling, cinnamon and some graham cracker crumbs for the topping.  Brant wanted seconds!

The kids wore their favorite apple color, Brant loves Granny Smiths
We finally had a soccer game, it's been raining so much lately. It was like playing in a swamp, since it rained this morning, but play we did.  Brant had a great game, really getting into it.  It's such fun to see him enjoying himself out there.

It was a late game, we didn't get home until 8, so it was off to bath and bed. But not before a quick photo with his best buddy.  For those of you interested, Brady and Maggie are getting along great. We've discovered that Brady is a toy hoarder, having to have all the toys, but especially the one Maggie is playing with!  It's pretty funny and they are keeping us entertained!

The only one I could get before Brady ran off...wish Brant hadn't blinked, but it's still cute!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The trip home and another soccer game

The doggies got along great, so Mom Mom packed up Maggie's duds and off she went on her vacation south!  While Brady had to ride in his crate (I think he was secretly happy to finally be left alone), Maggie got to choose which lap was the sunniest.  Brantley loved it, Maggie kept him entertained the whole way, especially since we left the DVD player in Delaware!! 

Some doggie snuggles

Posing, what a cute little pair!

We made it home safely, and back to school.  And to our soccer game this evening!

Taking a kick in.

The reason for the trip, Dunny's 90th birthday

Happy 90th birthday Dunny!  Brantley's grandmother, little B's great-grandmother, will turn 90 later this month, and this weekend was when everyone could get together to party! 

Dunny holding Baby Ethan, the newest great-grand.  We were so blessed and excited to have him there!

Baylor hiding in Mom Mom's coke chest

Yummy, birthday cake #2 of the weekend!

Making her wish!

What a great weekend with the family!

Happy Birthday Mom Mom!

It was quite the weekend for birthdays, Friday being Aunt Lindsey's, Saturday was Mom Mom's and Sunday was the party for Dunny's 90th (more to come on that later). 

After the trip to get apples and pumpkins, Hadley and Brantley helped me to make a cake for Mom Mom.  It was extra sweet and yummy due to the sweet hands that helped, and we all enjoyed Mom Mom's birthday cake!

Baylor working on his

The older, sillier cousins

Everybody loved Brady, we was a really sweet dog, letting the little ones play all over him. Delaney was sitting on the little couch and Brady climbed right in beside her. 

What happenes at Mom Mom's stays at Mom Mom', he's not allowed on the furniture at home, but Hazen was just  snuggly to pass by.

The annual trip to the Delaware pumpkin patch

We just spent a great weekend in Delaware, and got to have a lot of great family time.  Brady got to go along with us, because we had to see if he and Maggie (Mom Mom and Pop Pop's dog) got along.  Why? Because we were going to bring Maggie home with us to dog-sit.  

While the trip up was long and full of detours and traffic issues, Brady did well. The rest of us were about to go stir crazy!  Brant hit the ground running into the arms of Mom Mom and Pop Pop. 

Brady quite enjoyed the country life, chewing on corn from the fields around the house and romping with the kids.

Saturday morning we headed out to get some apples and pumpkins.  Our favorite stop is T.S. Smith, because they also make homemade apple donuts.  Mouths prepared we were very disappointed to find out that they had run out of shortening and didn't have any!! But that didn't slow us down for long, for there was cider to taste and buy, indian corn to check out and apples to pick out. 

Brant and Hadley checking out the punkins

Apples done we headed to a farm stand somewhere in Delaware that I could never find by myself but makes perfect sense to natives of the area.  We've come here since Brant was 5 months old, and every year we can make it.  There's always a photo in the pumpkins, and this years was similar to last years, since he has his favorite sweatshirt on! 

Sweet Hads and Brant, buddies.

We were a bit early for the big wagons of mums, but the left over summer flowers were still picture worthy!
We love the Delaware country!!

The house that Brantley built

This is the house that Brantley built, all by himself.  It was part of his zoo, which had Lincoln log buildings, a zoo train of Thomas engines and track, and his animals. Quite the operation!  He built the zookeepers house with no help...pretty good hunh??

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The paper shoes

Look what Brant made the other night.  We were working on a train tunnel with tissue paper and there was a piece on the floor.  Next thing I knew, Brant made new shoes!!  He wore them until they fell apart, which wasn't long! He's working on his next designs. We are taking orders now!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Brant's 5th soccer season...fall 2011

We can't believe it, but it's true! Brant kicked off his fifth soccer season yesterday!  While he started when he was three, he's played fall and spring each year.  The core of the team has remained the same, and Coach Shaun and I have seen them grow, both physically and in soccer skills.

So Saturday, after a rained out practice and only one actual scrimmage, the U-6 Phillies took the field!

Making a wall for a corner kick, with good buddy Hobbes, teammates since they were three.

"Comin' through!"

Taking a kick

Getting in the fray

Half-time for the Phillies

"Who's the man?" Number 5 is the man!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bruins' Grandparents' Day

Today was a BIG day at school, one all the lower school students look forward to, it was Grandparents' Day!  It's always fun to see the kids proudly walk their grandparents into their classrooms, and introduce them to teachers and friends.  Grandma did the honors today, and she was in charge of the camera, but getting involved with the kids makes it hard to take photos!

The day started with a program in the gym.  Showcasing student talent and each class getting a chance to sing or recite a special piece.  Brant's class got to see a sweet "good morning" song, and I was able to slip in to see it, between classes.
Brant's kindergarten class...all 22 of them!

Moving into the classroom, where they made some art together.  It was quite fun for them, and the added bonus was that Natalie's Nana was there too. For those of you who don't know, my sister-in-law Carla's brother's daughter is in Brant's class.. that sounds so confusing, but it's not. Basically we are all family, and it's fun to have them part of our BDS family as well.

Of course, one of the highlights of the day is that the kids get to leave with their grandparents (you won't find that in public school!) and Grandma and Brant had a nice lunch out at the Choo Choo restaurant (Southbound Sandwich works), painted pottery at Mad Platter and then enjoyed looking at the animals at the pet store.

Now we are all home, Daddy too.  What a great way to begin our weekend.  Tomorrow, first soccer game!  Look for a new post again soon!

Monday, September 5, 2011

We know we have green thumbs, but this is CRAZY!

We have been quite successful with our garden in years past, and I greatly love to have flowers in pots all during the summer.  But this is crazy!  It seems we've some how grown a dog!!

Crazy dog...told you we should have named him Snoopy!