Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day of school, first soccer practice

Life in the O'Day house has moved into the fast lane...and how. School has started back, and along with that, Brantley has started to play soccer. Last fall we went to our friend Amy's soccer game, and Brantley burst into tears. I couldn't figure out why, until he looked up at me and wailed, "But where's MY team?" So, now he has one! The Eagles! How appropriate for an O'Day! I have found myself assistant coaching, as well, as the first several practices were difficult to get through. You just have to think differently when giving instructions to a 3 year old! We are excited though...first game is on Saturday!
Brantley adores his class. Ms. Donna and Ms. Jodi are wonderful, and there's not been any transition problems. The only problem we have, every morning, is Brantley asking me a thousand times if I'm ready yet!
Work is moving along on the back room. We ( ha ha, Brant, not me! I don't have a thing to do with it until it comes to decorating!) are working on molding...tile floors to come next week!
Lots of love to all!