Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summertime fun!

Summertime, summertime, sum, sum summertime!
Brant with the freshly picked broccoli for lunch. We planted 2 rows, knowing he LOVES it!
We spent most of the afternoon at the pool, but when we came home, Brant wanted more water play. So we got out his variety of sprinklers (one of the advantages of having a spring birthday!)
The wacky sprinkler
The Buzz rocket and spinning Mickey
Running through the water!
Launching Buzz
Playing with the jet of water
It actually took him about 20 minutes before he decided to sit on it!
Pure Summertime fun!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Flowers around the house

I thought I'd snap some photos of some of the flowers blooming in our yard right now...especially the hydrangea.  It's very special to us, because the day we brought Brant home from the hospital, it was sitting on our patio table.  Friends from the Village Grill gave it to us and it always blooms for Brant's birthday.  How appropriate that the name of the plant is "Little Boy Blue."  We've got to add some lime to it, to keep the blooms blue, but it's kind of neat right now muli-colored.

Some tee-ball shots

I missed the tee-ball game last night, having to go to the 8th grade picnic, so Grandma took photos for me.  I thought I'd share them with you!

A little pre-game backyard warm-up

Brantley's Pre-K Graduation

We are the proud parents of a kindergartener!  Yesterday, Brant had his graduation program from the Pre-K program at BDS.  We were treated to songs, silly dances, Spanish songs (led by you-know-who) and a really neat slide show of photos.  Brant's class was joined by the K5 class (the actual kindergarten) as well.  

Waiting for the songs to begin

Brant and Sophie singing 

The kindergarten tradition of the Tooty-Ta.  My 8th graders remember doing it too!

He he, he's got it down!  

Getting his certificates from Mrs. Jodi

Just in case you were wondering who he was

Works as a hat too!

Gathering his things  in the classroom, for one last time.
I'm having trouble getting the video uploaded, so I'll get those up later.  I can't believe the school year is over. On to the good ole' summertime!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And the partying continues...

In case you've missed the memo, school's almost out around here.  Brant has a day and a half left, all the rest are out Friday at noon, and then (after a long weekend) I'm out June 2.  So, it's time for the annual class parties!

Brant's was today, at the newly moved/redone Little Gym.  We've had lots of parties there over the last few years, so he's very familiar with all the equipment.  Around 10:30 I went to his classroom to pick him up and drive him over (our school doesn't have buses), and I got to stay until after 12.

Waiting to go in

Big jump!  Moving to quickly to focus well


His turn on the bars

Brant did NOT like this.  He has a new thing about being upside down, especially on his back.  It makes him extremely unhappy!  Even Ms. Tracy couldn't get him to relax.

Playing hide and go seek in the donut

Mia's brother found them!

Going over the "snake!"

How's that for balance?

Running in the parachute bubbles

Grandma came and watched too, because she's gotten to know all the kiddos in B's class, a lot of them call her Grandma too.  Grandma took B home after the party, or so I thought.  They had a few stops along the way, like the playground and Yo Zone! They got home only a short bit before I did!

We had another tee-ball game tonight. It was hot.  It was sunny.  It was a good game.  Summertime is here, and summer is the season of baseball!

May 23rd....the ACTUAL birthday

Monday was Brantley's actual birthday, but being Monday, and a school day, the celebration was subdued.  Perhaps in part that we were all exhausted from the festivities of the weekend as well.

We ordered Phillies baseball cookies from our friend Meredith, the awesome cookie and cake lady, for Brant's class.  Aren't they cute?

The last of the birthday celebration was dinner at The Village Grill, since Daddy was working.  We all enjoyed our yummy food, and then Brant played for a few minutes outside.  He was in a posing mood, so I snapped some photos of our brand new 5 year old!
Brant and Ruby (he named him after our old dog)

Cuteness with his tattoo from his party still on

Silly little man!

There we go, finally a smile!