Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brant cleans his room

Brantley had become a great helper at home. Today, I came home to a wonderfully clean house! Brantley cleaned his room again, and vaccuumed most of it! As you can see, our house is shaping up on the outside too! I've still got to finish up some landscaping, and we've got to paint the porch floor...and of course, I don't have my flowers yet! But look how good it looks!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wonderful Wheels

Yesterday was a fun day for Brantley, and for Mom and Dad. We went to a fundraiser for the  Children's Museum called Wheels of Wonder. Basically, they called in as many trucks and vehicles from all kinds of public services. There were ladder trucks, ambulances, school buses, crime scene vehicles, John Deere tractors, race cars, limos, and anything else you can think of. The kids could crawl all over and in them...and there was a cacophany of sirens, becuase yes, they were allowed to press the buttons. There were also inflatables and slides, basically, a kid's heaven. We went to any vehicle he wanted, but the highlight, for all of us, had to have been when they flew in the Baptist Hospital's AirCare helicopter. We were allowed to get in the back, and the guys on board had to have been some of the nicest, most patient people. They helped us in, and took a photo for us, without being asked!

After Brantley went to work, we went to work in Grandma's garden. We've redesigned her yard and it looks great! And only two trips to Lowe's to do it! Really, we just moved things around, but up some window boxes and hooks for ferns and got some plants to fill in some landscaping. Today, we get to plant it all. But it does look good! Before the second trip to Lowe's we went to get BBQ at Hursey's...and boy, you should see Brant eat BBQ! We split a plate, and that won't happen again! He's graduated to an adult chopped plate all for himself! And after that, we got ice cream from Smitty's. AND he ate a whole cone! He decided, several bites into his strawberry, that he wanted Grandma's orange sherbet. So, being Grandma, she swapped. After he fininshed, he said, "I want another!" That boy was a bottomless pit yesterday!...but no, he didn't get another, it was off to Lowe's!

I've still not gotten a photo of the house, but I will try today. The shutters are not up yet, we are trying to let everything dry really well before we do. But I'll get one of now, and then the finished version as well.
Love to all, we are going to go plant tomatoes, then Grandma's hostas. Love to all!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Paintin' the Day Away

What do you call something brown and tan and white all over?? The O'Day family, painting the house! Our on going home improvement goals finally got one in the checked off box. This week is Spring Break for me, and it's been wondeful having some extra time. A couple of weeks ago, Brantley was online looking at hotels at the beach, for a few days at break. Then, looking up at me, he says, "Would you rather go to the beach for a few days, or paint the house?" "Paint the house!" I practically yell! I know, most people would cringe at the thought, but WOW! We did it! All O'Day hands pitched in, including the little one. We divided up the work, so it wouldn't be too much in one day, and also to ensure we got it done. We removed all the shutters and pressure washed last Saturday, then it seemed to rain, forever. Not really, but when you want to get going on a project, it seems that way! In between all of the prep work, we've also celebrated Easter, and had a great visit with Jeremy!
So, the weather gods deemed Wednesday to be the day that we would paint. Mom and I took Jeremy to the airport (we left at 3 am! but no, we didn't start painting when I got back!). But we did get going about 10 am. It was trim and foundation day. Brant got to work on the trim, Little B and I got to work on the foundation. Several times, he painted the Mom more than the wall! It got done, and today was the BIG day! Our house, which has never been anything but white in it's whole life, got a suntan! Two coats later, it's done. Tomorrow, shutters and doors!
Hopefully I'll be able to lift my arms tomorrow, due to the fact I was rolling over my head most of the day, and if I can, I'll snap a picture. Little B is in the tub right now, washing off the paint, and we are all turning in early. I'm posting some more pics from Easter, for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hippity Hoppin'!

Wow wow wow! It's been a fun filled week. We've been super busy around here, with egg hunts, airport trips and bunny visits! Brant has been throughly egg hunted out, but let me begin with the beginning.
Late Wednesday night we got a phone call from Japan. Jeremy, who was in the States (unknown to us) escorting home a family of a Marine who was killed in an accident in Okinawa, was able to arrange his flights for a weekend visit. So, we made plans...he was coming in Friday night!
Thursday morning Brant had his egg hunt at school, and his party. I was able to rearrange my schedule to go, and I got a lot of photos, as you can see.
Friday, the first day of spring break, we were busy busy busy! As you know, we are working on our house, so we got a lot of the prep work for painting done, such as taking off the shutters and trimming the bushes. We also managed to mow, go Easter dress shopping and Bunny shopping before we left to pick up Jeremy. Some wicked weather was coming through the South, so Brantley called me to let me know there was a delay. So we decided to detour to the mall and shopped, until Brant called us to let us know he had landed. Little Brant talked his ears off!!
We've also had a cookout with Dana, Josh, Natalie and Norma. We colored eggs and had an egg hunt in the back yard.
This morning, we went to church (my battery on my camera wasn't charged. I'll get them from Mom). It was so wonderful to go with Jeremy. It's wonderful having our family together! This afternoon, after relaxing for awhile, we had another egg hunt with Amy and Austin. It's been a very Eastery weekend! I'll let the pictures tell the story! Love to you all!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Well, we've been a bit busy around here...hopping around as crazy as the Easter Bunny. Things are winding down for Spring Break at our respective schools and everyone is excited. We are gearing up for painting the house, so look for some more pictures showing the process.
Monday night I got Village take-out for dinner, surprise surprise! We were all enjoying our meal, when, all of a sudden, Brant became interested in the basalmic vinegar I was putting on my salad. Thinking we'd get a funny reaction, I encouraged him to try it, knowing he would most likely anyway. Silly Mommy...he loved it! He was scooping it up with his fingers, slurping it off! This is the boy who eats lemons....why am I surprised??!?
Tonight, we had a wonderful meal of ribs, cooked by my wonderful hubby. Mom came over (feeling much better) and joined us, and it was just a wonderful time. While we were cleaning up, Brant occupied himself, as you can see, with the time old tradition of playing with pots and pans.
While we were cooking dinner, and I was making a strawberry shortcake, I left the tub of butter on the counter, with a measuring spoon in it. I went to melt the butter in the microwave, and I looked back, Brant was eating butter by the spoonfull!! I seem to remember a certain Savannah Nicole doing the same thing! Good to know it runs in the family! :-)
We've had a cold snap here, we had to cover all our budding plants tonight, hopefully they won't get nipped. Spring has sprung, the rain has brought lots of green and it's beautiful. It really makes me mindful of our blessings, and with the rebirth, I can't help but think of this time in our Christian lives as well, with the resurrection of Jesus. Happy early Easter to you!