Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Elon Phoenix First Pitch Dinner

Last Thursday night our family went to the First Pitch dinner.  Little Brant and I had gone last year, but Big Brant had had to work. We'd had winter weather and it got postponed, thus messing up our plans.  We all made it this year though, and enjoyed an evening of baseball.  Little Brant loved running from table to table getting autographs and hearing all of the players talk about their majors and where they are fun.  Of course, the door prizes are lots of fun too, but we didn't win anything for the second year.  One year we'll get something!

Players sit at the tables with you and have dinner, so we got a quick picture with the guys who sat with us.  Numbers 2 and 3 were at our table and number 7 is Casey Jones, pretty much the team standout.  He jumped in for a photo without us asking and is just an all around good guy.  You could tell all the attention made him uncomfortable.  

It was a nice evening out and the boys had fun.  We don't get to do enough like this as a family, so it was a nice break.  Go Phoenix baseball!!

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