Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ducky Beach and the Beachy House

We have returned from an absolutely wonderful vacation! It was so nice to see Brantley for the whole 10 days, and he still has another day off!
We started our vacation two Fridays ago, driving to Atlantic Beach, and spending the weekend in that area. We ate at some wonderful resturants, hung out on the beach and pool and visited NC's newest aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. On Sunday morning we got up early and drove to Cedar Island ferry, for the 2 hour ride to Ocracoke. It was a beautiful, but hot, ride. We spent a few hours on Ocracoke, seeing the sights and eating lunch. After, we headed up to the Hatteras ferry, which we drove up and loaded immediatly, a few minutes later and we would have missed it! Of course, they run every 45 minutes, but still, it was fun just making it!
The water during the second ferry ride was Carribean blue, which I'd never seen in the waterway before, so we spent the ride at the front of the boat, watching all the other ferries and boats go by.
While on the Outer Banks, we did a variety of activities, the main one being nothing!, but also, visiting the lighthouses, Jockey's Ridge, Wright Brothers Memorial and some shopping. We really enjoyed being with the family, and spending time with the new babies, Delaney and Baylor.
Now, we are back to reality, getting things cleaned up and organized, and getting ready for the Japan crew to fly in on Friday! Tonight we had a pork chop cook out for Daddy, for Father's Day, since we were driving back on Sunday. Happy belated Father's Day to all your Daddies out there!

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