Thursday, June 4, 2009

Brant's Third Birthday Party

It's taken me a while to get things updated, so this is going to be a conglomeration of what we've done over the last few days/weeks. Everyone knows, Brant officially turned 3 on the 23rd of May, but, being that it was Memorial Day weekend, we decided to have his party last Saturday. And party we did! This year, on the theme of Mickey and keeping it simple, we had a simple party, with cupcakes, ice cream and some other finger foods. Eight children, including Brant, ran around the yard, playing with bubbles, the parachute, sandbox and swing set. There was also some soccer and baseball going on. The adults, about 20 or more, enjoyed watching the kids, and visiting. The normal progression of cupcakes, ice cream and gifts occured. The cupcakes were totally cute, if I do say so myself, with mini-Oreos for Mickey ears! We all wore our Mickey gear, Brant and I had ears, in addition to shirts, watches and earrings! It was a wonderful day!
It's been Brantley's birthday week, so we've had a variety of Brantley inspired activites going on, from seeing Up and getting ice cream after, to park visits. Today, we went to the zoo. It's my first official day of summer vacation, and Brantley was off, so off we all know we love the zoo, and it was really nice to not feel the pressure of having to see it all in one day, since we can go back for free anytime.
We are getting ready for a block party on Saturday night, then, it's full force beach prep! We'll be getting some pool time in this week, I'm sure, and getting the garden ready for us being gone.
I'll let the photos tell the rest! Love to all...oh, and I am finally on Facebook, so look me up for more photo opportunities!

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