Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Apples, apples, apples....

As Johnny Appleseed's birthday rolled around, so did the Kindergarten division's Apple Day!  Usually at the end of a week of apple activities, this year it kicked the week off! (due to the fact that we started school two weeks later than usual).   Rotating through four rooms, the kids got to play apple games, do apple Smartboard activities, make apple art and the room I was helping in, make mini-apple pies. 

Checking out the Smartboard

Apple art!

Yummo, making apple pies!  In a cupcake wrapper the kids put a Nilla wafer in the bottom, apple pie filling, cinnamon and some graham cracker crumbs for the topping.  Brant wanted seconds!

The kids wore their favorite apple color, Brant loves Granny Smiths
We finally had a soccer game, it's been raining so much lately. It was like playing in a swamp, since it rained this morning, but play we did.  Brant had a great game, really getting into it.  It's such fun to see him enjoying himself out there.

It was a late game, we didn't get home until 8, so it was off to bath and bed. But not before a quick photo with his best buddy.  For those of you interested, Brady and Maggie are getting along great. We've discovered that Brady is a toy hoarder, having to have all the toys, but especially the one Maggie is playing with!  It's pretty funny and they are keeping us entertained!

The only one I could get before Brady ran off...wish Brant hadn't blinked, but it's still cute!

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