Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The annual trip to the Delaware pumpkin patch

We just spent a great weekend in Delaware, and got to have a lot of great family time.  Brady got to go along with us, because we had to see if he and Maggie (Mom Mom and Pop Pop's dog) got along.  Why? Because we were going to bring Maggie home with us to dog-sit.  

While the trip up was long and full of detours and traffic issues, Brady did well. The rest of us were about to go stir crazy!  Brant hit the ground running into the arms of Mom Mom and Pop Pop. 

Brady quite enjoyed the country life, chewing on corn from the fields around the house and romping with the kids.

Saturday morning we headed out to get some apples and pumpkins.  Our favorite stop is T.S. Smith, because they also make homemade apple donuts.  Mouths prepared we were very disappointed to find out that they had run out of shortening and didn't have any!! But that didn't slow us down for long, for there was cider to taste and buy, indian corn to check out and apples to pick out. 

Brant and Hadley checking out the punkins

Apples done we headed to a farm stand somewhere in Delaware that I could never find by myself but makes perfect sense to natives of the area.  We've come here since Brant was 5 months old, and every year we can make it.  There's always a photo in the pumpkins, and this years was similar to last years, since he has his favorite sweatshirt on! 

Sweet Hads and Brant, buddies.

We were a bit early for the big wagons of mums, but the left over summer flowers were still picture worthy!
We love the Delaware country!!

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