Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Catchin' up

Life has gotten the better of me.  Blogging moved way down on the to do list as we finished up school, and all the rest of things.  But now it's summer, and while we are all having trouble adjusting to the sudden freedom (can we say antsy?!) we know it will soon become normal.  

So, here's a catch up blog....

Brant finally got to celebrate his birthday with his classmates.  A Phillies cookie cake, made by our friend Meredith

Baseball is continuing, due to some wet weather.  Here the little brothers are playing with  the "bag o' tricks" I pack for Henry every game.

Meredith and Josiah are watching the game

Cute catcher
 Mom Mom and Pop Pop came down for a visit!!  We had some tech issues, so there aren't many pictures from the time.  Mainly, the battery died on the camera, then I forgot the SD card.
They finally got to see a game.  We were supposed to have a tourny that weekend as well, but it got cancelled. 

Mom Mom and Pop Pop enjoyed the backyard with us

Pop Pop got Henry to sleep on the swing. 
Next up, Brant and Daddy are sailors!!

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