Monday, May 27, 2013

Backyard brothers

After we got back from Delaware, Brant and I went to school for the day.  Thankfully, it was Friday, and Memorial Day weekend gave us some time to catch up on everything that stopped when we left.  But the weather was nice, and after that new battery was charged, Brant had the gator rolling through the backyard. Brother just loved it, especially with Big Brother's arm making a seatbelt for him!

The weekend was spent with a mix of birthday (to come in another post), baseball and playing in the yard. Brant had a bit of make up work to do, so he carried his Lego table outside and set up a desk.  Henry wanted to join him, so I fixed both the boys a snack, and they had a little picnic.  I just couldn't resist the sweetness of the two boys together at the table.

one with legs so seems his were just dangling from the chair his brother is in
(that was Grandma's when she was little)


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