Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas eve: crafts. cookies and cuddles

We've decided, as years have passed, that we would have our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, then eat leftovers on Christmas afternoon. So Daddy busied himself with the smoking of the turkey (the most delicious turkey EVER!) and I got the boys busy doing some sticker art.  Good thing I had stuff stashed, for the wiggles and crazies come out waiting for Christmas morning. 

Henry had some John Deere stickers and Brant had a military uniforms throughout history stickers

And then, they crashed...
 While they crashed I worked on getting cookie dough made.  While it was chilling the boys got a second wind and played outside for a bit.  Then it was time to get our cookies done!  We had to get those cookies for Santa made!

Before we knew it, it was time to eat dinner.  While I have visions of Walton Family holidays, we tend to be more National Lampoon.  True to form, the witching hour set in, so it was time for baths and very soon bed.  But a few things needed to be done first.
Obligatory photos in jammies, but brother WOULD NOT cooperate

So I snapped this one

Holy cow.  And Santa hasn't even come yet!

We always let the boys open their gifts from Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim on Christmas Eve, else they get lost in the shuffle.

The only together brother picture of the night

Reading his new book

Don't know how they do it, but Jim and Carol always find the coolest games that the boys don't have!

Thought it was interesting where Brant placed Santa's cookies

Twas the night before Christmas....

Christmas morning was bound to dawn early!

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