Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013!

Christmas morning didn't dawn too early, despite our predictions.  Brant, up around 7, actually settled and watched a little TV.  Now I'm not saying he was overly patient, but it gave us a chance to wake up a bit more slowly.  We started opening gifts around 7:45.  Grandma came up to join us and we got to opening gifts! 

Brantley decided that we needed to open presents in age order, starting with youngest.  Declaring "Henry first!" he proceeded to pass out the gifts from Santa.  

Henry was a bit timid opening his gifts, not quite sure he was allowed to tear the paper. 

Brother enjoyed checking out all of Henry's gifts as well, showing him how to use the magnadoodle

Henry makes an adorable "ooooh" sound.  He's making it here

Santa left Henry the magnadoodle, Cheeky Charlie, and two Thomas playsets

FINALLY, it was Brant's turn!

Santa came through with the Bop-It, along with the new Skylanders Swap Force game and figures.  He also left the Dolorian Lego kit. 

Grandma had her turn, with some new tops and jeans from us!

Daddy had his turn, with a fleece lined L.L. Bean sweatshirt and a Calphalon immersion blender.
Henry had great fun delivering the gifts!
 About this point, the photos got old.  Henry enjoyed opening each of his gifts and would get hung up.  As a matter of fact, even now, Christmas night, there is one unwrapped gift under the tree.   I unwrapped several gifts from Daddy and the boys, comprising new jammies and slippers!  Apparently, since I got 3 or 4 new sets, Daddy is tired of my ratty PJ bottoms!

We had a Mountain man breakfast and then settled for some quiet time.  Henry and I were on the couch, where I fell asleep, he did not.  Thankfully Mom was here and played with the boys.  Big B caught a snooze too.

Getting up, we went for a family walk, ending up at the playground for a bit.   The boys enjoyed the bright sunshine, though it was cold.   Leftovers for "linner" we are all back on the couch.  Henry crashed out and Brant is flitting between new toys.  It's been a quiet, slow paced day, just what we all needed.

Merry Christmas to one and all!  We pray that you have a blessed time with family and remember the REAL reason for the season!

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