Thursday, March 6, 2014

A snowy Valentine's Day

The big snow couldn't stop our Valentine's Day celebration!  We had our traditional pancake breakfast with the boys!

Chocolate before breakfast?  Why not?

We found Brant a card that had a jet you could punch out and fly.  He loved it!

The boys also got Camelbak water bottles, as they both loved the ones Mommy and Daddy had. 

By this time we were getting a little bit squirrly in the house.  You  know, the difference between having a snow day and having it turn into 5 unplanned days off is planning.  I usually have some crafts planned, and other ideas to fill some time.  But this time we were just busy and crashed.   Brant had been begging to go sledding again, and as Henry wasn't feeling that well (the real reason he was not digging the snow the day before) Mommy took Brant for some sledding time.

A little snow surfing!
 We also decided it was high time to make a snow man!  That snow was so heavy we had to work together to lift the head on!

It was good to have some one on one time with Brant, and we were good and cold and tired!  Hot chocolate was calling our names!

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