Thursday, March 6, 2014

Phoenix Phamily Phun

 The snow messed up our plans, as our whole family was supposed to attend the First Pitch dinner for the Elon baseball team.  Seeing as it was rescheduled, Daddy had to work.  Mommy decided to take Brant and let Henry stay with Grandma, as it would have been past his bedtime.  We joined up with Brant's friend Christopher and his parents and had a very enjoyable evening.

The ball players were around and sat at the tables with us during dinner.  The boys enjoyed getting autographs, Brant's eyes were googling at all the baseball players!

Coach Kennedy signed Brant's poster as well.  Christopher's Daddy knows everyone really well.  The field is named after his father, who was a catcher for Elon. 
 Giving away door prizes, Christopher won an ice cream sundae.  He very nicely shared with Brant!

The players who sat at our table.  It seems like most were from Florida!
 Sunday we decided to go to a home game.  Donning our maroon we headed out to Latham Field.  A beautiful February Sunday, we even got hot!

Henry had had enough, and so had we, so heading home, we were able to enjoy the rest of the evening as a family!

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