Saturday, January 24, 2015


I blogged so much more consistently when Brant was little, in part because I was at home, and only had one child, and wasn't involved in scouting, teaching full time and parenting two boys.  

You always hear how the second child or third, etc., doesn't have a baby book or there aren't as many photos (not a problem with me!) .  I swore it wouldn't happen to me!  After all, I blog!  I bought Henry his baby book!  I take photos! So yeah.  That has worked.  

So this is a catch up post for Henry.  

Henry is quite the talker these day, and has his own ways of saying things.  He's always called himself "Boy."  As in , "Boy likes this..." "Boy needs Mommy!"  And he has a way of adding "n" to the end of his words, " Boy liken trucks"  It's so cute.  

Lately, when I have been come home, Henry, who will now call himself Henry, says, "Henry (or boy) missed Mommy SOooooo much!"  or "Henry loves mommy soooo much!"  It melts my heart. 

Today we went to Saturday Mornings for the Very Young at school.  Henry was incredibly shy at first, clinging to me, hiding his face from Mr. Wall.  We went to Ms. Stacy's room and Henry, while enjoying himself, was not going to leave my side.   Stuck to me like glue, we went to the table to make a snowman.  He started to open up, talking about the parts we were gluing on.  A snowball fight, a story and a poem, and Henry was actually walking out by himself.  He enjoyed himself, but didn't say much about it as we went on about our day.  

Sitting at the dinner table, I asked Henry to tell "Granna" about what he did.  He told her about the fluffy snowballs, who woke the bear in the story, and what he put on his snowman.  I asked him, "and what about the song we sang?"  Thinking hard, I didn't think he'd remember.  And he made a big circle with his arms, like the fat snowman and told Granna all about it.  What a boy!! 

There are ton of cute things Henry says and does, I hope I can get them down to reread when he's older!

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