Saturday, January 24, 2015

Upward Basketball 2015: Team Thunder

We always seem to miss registration for basketball but this year, we did it!  We decided to play Upward ball, because of the values and the scheduling.  Brant has never played basketball before, so this was a great learning season.  We have some friends who play in the same age group, so it's been fun playing against them as well.  Brant's old friend Zach, who was in his preschool class at Front Street, is on his team, and his dad coaches the team too. 

The national anthem is played before every game.
 Henry has learned to put his hand over his heart too!

It's so fun, all the kids get their names announced and get to run out to center court

It was so exciting during today's game.  Brant got a red star for defense as he really turned on the heat.  It's been fun watching him learn the game and grow in skills! 

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