Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hippity Hoppin'!

Wow wow wow! It's been a fun filled week. We've been super busy around here, with egg hunts, airport trips and bunny visits! Brant has been throughly egg hunted out, but let me begin with the beginning.
Late Wednesday night we got a phone call from Japan. Jeremy, who was in the States (unknown to us) escorting home a family of a Marine who was killed in an accident in Okinawa, was able to arrange his flights for a weekend visit. So, we made plans...he was coming in Friday night!
Thursday morning Brant had his egg hunt at school, and his party. I was able to rearrange my schedule to go, and I got a lot of photos, as you can see.
Friday, the first day of spring break, we were busy busy busy! As you know, we are working on our house, so we got a lot of the prep work for painting done, such as taking off the shutters and trimming the bushes. We also managed to mow, go Easter dress shopping and Bunny shopping before we left to pick up Jeremy. Some wicked weather was coming through the South, so Brantley called me to let me know there was a delay. So we decided to detour to the mall and shopped, until Brant called us to let us know he had landed. Little Brant talked his ears off!!
We've also had a cookout with Dana, Josh, Natalie and Norma. We colored eggs and had an egg hunt in the back yard.
This morning, we went to church (my battery on my camera wasn't charged. I'll get them from Mom). It was so wonderful to go with Jeremy. It's wonderful having our family together! This afternoon, after relaxing for awhile, we had another egg hunt with Amy and Austin. It's been a very Eastery weekend! I'll let the pictures tell the story! Love to you all!

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