Thursday, April 16, 2009

Paintin' the Day Away

What do you call something brown and tan and white all over?? The O'Day family, painting the house! Our on going home improvement goals finally got one in the checked off box. This week is Spring Break for me, and it's been wondeful having some extra time. A couple of weeks ago, Brantley was online looking at hotels at the beach, for a few days at break. Then, looking up at me, he says, "Would you rather go to the beach for a few days, or paint the house?" "Paint the house!" I practically yell! I know, most people would cringe at the thought, but WOW! We did it! All O'Day hands pitched in, including the little one. We divided up the work, so it wouldn't be too much in one day, and also to ensure we got it done. We removed all the shutters and pressure washed last Saturday, then it seemed to rain, forever. Not really, but when you want to get going on a project, it seems that way! In between all of the prep work, we've also celebrated Easter, and had a great visit with Jeremy!
So, the weather gods deemed Wednesday to be the day that we would paint. Mom and I took Jeremy to the airport (we left at 3 am! but no, we didn't start painting when I got back!). But we did get going about 10 am. It was trim and foundation day. Brant got to work on the trim, Little B and I got to work on the foundation. Several times, he painted the Mom more than the wall! It got done, and today was the BIG day! Our house, which has never been anything but white in it's whole life, got a suntan! Two coats later, it's done. Tomorrow, shutters and doors!
Hopefully I'll be able to lift my arms tomorrow, due to the fact I was rolling over my head most of the day, and if I can, I'll snap a picture. Little B is in the tub right now, washing off the paint, and we are all turning in early. I'm posting some more pics from Easter, for your viewing pleasure.

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