Monday, April 6, 2009

Well, we've been a bit busy around here...hopping around as crazy as the Easter Bunny. Things are winding down for Spring Break at our respective schools and everyone is excited. We are gearing up for painting the house, so look for some more pictures showing the process.
Monday night I got Village take-out for dinner, surprise surprise! We were all enjoying our meal, when, all of a sudden, Brant became interested in the basalmic vinegar I was putting on my salad. Thinking we'd get a funny reaction, I encouraged him to try it, knowing he would most likely anyway. Silly Mommy...he loved it! He was scooping it up with his fingers, slurping it off! This is the boy who eats lemons....why am I surprised??!?
Tonight, we had a wonderful meal of ribs, cooked by my wonderful hubby. Mom came over (feeling much better) and joined us, and it was just a wonderful time. While we were cleaning up, Brant occupied himself, as you can see, with the time old tradition of playing with pots and pans.
While we were cooking dinner, and I was making a strawberry shortcake, I left the tub of butter on the counter, with a measuring spoon in it. I went to melt the butter in the microwave, and I looked back, Brant was eating butter by the spoonfull!! I seem to remember a certain Savannah Nicole doing the same thing! Good to know it runs in the family! :-)
We've had a cold snap here, we had to cover all our budding plants tonight, hopefully they won't get nipped. Spring has sprung, the rain has brought lots of green and it's beautiful. It really makes me mindful of our blessings, and with the rebirth, I can't help but think of this time in our Christian lives as well, with the resurrection of Jesus. Happy early Easter to you!

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