Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day!

Hello again, from Carolina land! Happy May! In 22 days, Brant is going to be 3! The countdown has begun.
We've had a lot of things going on around here, and the blog has slipped by unposted for a few days. Nothing especially noteworthy, but busy nonetheless.
We've been busy planting and landscaping, and getting the garden planted as well. It's crammed full, as usual, and bordered by Brant's sunflower tunnel. Our house continues to improve, and an update pic will be posted soon.
Brant's preschool had an art show yesterday, and Mom and I got to go to it. It was in the morning, and they had all the art the kids had done for a few months up. The idea was you could "purchase" the art for a donation for the teacher's bonuses. Brantley picked a piece of art for me and Grandma to take to school to display.
Oh, on another note, Mom has the all clear with all her tests...there is OFFICIALLY nothing wrong with her heart or otherwise.
Today was May Day at BDS. All the students dressed up, teachers too, for an assembly where there was a May King and May Queen, court, and May Pole. They sang the traditional songs, and danced the dance. Next year, mark your calendars, even the K3s participate...Brant will be perfoming!! Bonus, it is a half day too!
Mom, Little B and I are all heading to Ironton this afternoon. Grandma's house sold and we are going up to get the last of the things Mom inherited. I'm looking forward to going back, as it's always good to see family, but I'm really not looking forward to seeing Grandma's house stripped of the things we are so accustomed of. But, of course, we will take a walk on the floodwall, down to the pump and wave at barges. Brant still remembers this from last summer, so it will be another memory for him, one that I'd hoped he'd be able to make each summer.
Little Tech, aka Brant, brought my camera up to me and said, "I want the camera to take a picture by itself!" How did he know that??? So, we set the timer, ran in place and click! Here it is for your viewing pleasure. Love you all...need us this weekend, call our cells. Brantley is working all weekend and is on animal duty!

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