Sunday, May 10, 2009

Strawberry picking!

I've not been very good keeping up with the posts lately. It's most likely because none of us want to come in at night, and we stay until we can't see anything! The grass is so green, the plants are in the garden and my flowers are doing well. We've even got a family of bluebirds in our box and hummingbirds zooming around! Spring has sprung and summer is on it's way!! Another sign for's strawberry time!
Our newspaper always prints a map of the strawberry farms in the areas. We picked one that we would go to, but couldn't figure out when to go. On Friday afternoon, I asked little B, "Do you know how strawberries grow?" When he replied, "In trees?" I knew we had to go! We squeezed it in on Saturday morning, heading out to the country in old clothes and sunglasses. When we arrived, around 9:30, it was already packed, and although we had to go further into the field, the strawberries were plentiful. Brantley and I had thought for sure that Brant would eat as many as he picked, but he didn't even taste one until his Daddy cut one up for him, and said he could! After that, everytime I saw him, he was picking with one hand and eating with the other. He loved it, and so did we. We picked 11.75 pounds of strawberries, and paid $11.75. Can't beat that!!

On the way home, we passed a dairy farm. It was beautiful and there was a field of calves along the way. We passed the fire station, on the other side of the field, and there, eating the clover by the road, were two escaped cows!! Of course, we went back to tell the farmer, actually, the farm hand, that I had to speak to in Spanish, that the "vacas" had escaped. A very exciting zoom down the road by the grandson on a four wheeler rescued the babies. We all felt we'd done our good deed for the day, and Brant got a close up of cows!
Later on Saturday, as Big Brant headed to the craziness of the resturant on Mother's Day, Mom, B and I headed to the Farmer's Market. I don't know why we've not been there before because it is awesome. The garden store there is extensive, and the nurseries that brought there plants had great variety. There was even a lady making the most beautiful flower arrangements. It's definitly more on the yuppy side, then that Deere side, but wonderful all the same. We went because Ronnie and Kathy, our neighbors, had invited us (unknown to Kathy) to celebrate her birthday at the Moose Cafe, located there. It was good ole' country cookin', with turnip greens, chicken and dumplins and the best mac and cheese! And tea out of mason jars! The severe storms came through right about then, so we escaped without getting TOO wet, but enjoyed dinner all the same.
Today, Mother's Day, (Happy belated Mother's Day to all who are reading this!) Mom, B and I went to the BDS production of Jack and the Giant, at the Paramount. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon, although Brant didn't make it through all of it (the first act was over an hour!). Returning home, we napped, then cooked out burgers for Mom. The boys and I celebrated on Wednesday, with dinner out at Red Bowl (Asian food) and gifts. For those who can't believe we didn't have anything Apple, we've now branched into it...the boys got me an iPod Touch! I love it, don't know what I did without it, and have enjoyed the Apps already (Brant really likes the Etch-a-Sketch one!)
Well, I'll leave you now, as I need to get to bed. Love to all!

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