Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray!! Brantley is 3 today!

Happy Birthday Little B! We've had a wonderful day celebrating Brant's birthday today. Brant wanted to spend the night at Grandma's last night, and he did, the WHOLE night!! This is the second time he's made it all night! So, around 8, we heard a little voice outside, and Brantley came in to say, "The birthday boy is here!" So, I popped out of bed and we started celebrating. First, a pancake breakfast...little B scarfed two! He opened a few of the smaller presents, then, on to the park! But, it wasn't open yet, so we decided to get B his new crocs (they are for the beach, and we were going to wait...but hey, it filled time!) Then, it was park time!! We rode all the rides, except for a false start on the airplanes (he hit a button that sounded like a mid-air fire fight, and it scared him), and played on the playground. It was getting hot by then, and we were hungry. Brant told us a long time ago that he wanted to go to Blue Ribbon for his birthday lunch....and so we did! They brought him a little birthday cake, with "tream" on top...whipped cream for those of you who didn't get that.

We returned home for more presents, from Grandma, and our big present, the "Better Batter Baseball" from Fisher Price. If you ask him, he'll tell you he got the "better batter baseball game" it's a hoot to hear him say it! Mom got him small soccer goals for the backyard, and a bag full of LOTS of things, like new jammies, an outfit, a Mickey video, and the undies!! We had a small cake, as his big party is next Saturday, but he enjoyed it just the same!Around this time Daddy had to go to work. Brant was not happy with this, and asked for his Daddy all afternoon. We watched his new video, and took a short nap. After which, we went to a couple of stores. The whole time he was asking if we could eat at Daddy's resturant. keeping with the birthday boy's wishes, we did. Sitting on the patio, with Mom and Brantley popping in when he could, we put the final touches on his birthday. But one last surprise was in order, one that surprised us all!! Daddy had arranged for a birthday strawberry shortcake to be sent out, with a candle on top...but the crew at the restuarant, who has literally watched him grow up, took it one step further. About 8 staff brought it out, and sang to him too! His little eyes shone, as he grinned and blew out his candle. The topper to a perfect day!
We came home, showered and snuggled. Little B and I read a few books (new ones for his birthday), then his eyes got droopy and he snuggled in. Sleep tight little man, growing bigger everyday. For all of you we weren't able to share this day with us, please know you were missed. We grew up not being able to be with our grandparents and extended family on birthdays, and everytime we could be with them on special days was extra-special. We love you all, and miss you too!

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