Saturday, December 19, 2009

A new playset and the class Christmas party

It's Christmas come early to the O'Day house, as we decided to begin setting up Brantley's big Christmas present from Mommy and Daddy. He's graduated from simply wanting to swing and slide, to need more of a challenge! So, let the building begin! This is day 2 of the build, day 3 ended with snow and ice, so hopefully, this week, it will be completed. Tt's as complicated as it looks...notice the extra help Brantley is receiving, from Bailey,streaking by, to Brant, already playing!
Brant's class had their Christmas party on the Friday we got out for the holiday. In true Christmas style, it included presents and lots of yummy goodies. Several of Brant's classmates don't celebrate Christmas, so his class was smaller than usual. However, the fun continued! Santa's Helper brought presents, Brant got a neat tool set! I wonder how he knew!! There was also a pinata, which I missed because I had a class to teach, but it looked to be lots of fun!
We've enjoyed our first day of break today, resting, making cookies and watching t.v. Ahh, we love being on break!

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