Saturday, December 19, 2009

Can we PLEASE make the "Ringerbread" Village?!

As the Christmas season began, we began to see lots of Gingerbread kits out and about. Brant had begged us, for days, weeks, and what seemed like months, to get one. One day, while at Target, he got to pick it out. Faced with the choice of a Gingerbread train, house or village, he chose the village. After picking myself up from the floor, from the shock of him not choosing a train, we put the village in the cart, and off we went. Being too late to start the project, and wanting Dad to be in on the fun, we had to wait until the next day.
FINALLY, Daddy got home...and the fun began...
While the finished project was fair (count the houses...there were supposed to be bit the dust!), it was most definitely one of the more challenging projects we've attempted with Brant...for those planning to attempt the project....DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!! :-)

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