Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Labor Day vacation, at home

Brant actually wanted me to take a picture!
Brant checking out the Dino video with Indiana Bones
For some reason, the thought of traveling on Labor Day weekend does not appeal to us.  It's more of a breather from the hectic start of school than a well-anticipated vacation.  So, we did the ever popular "stay-cation."  Ugh, what an over-used word, but it applies!  Brant has to work all weekend, therefore we are limited in our distances, but we embraced the time we had and headed to the Natural Science Center.  

While not as impressed with the indoor exhibits (we've been spoiled by visits to multiple science museums, in various states, even countries!), the animal discovery was great fun! 

It was just the right size for Brant to walk, without complaints, and was accomplished in about an hour! From gibbons, my favorite, the tiger, and Brant's least favorite, the boa constrictor, we checked them out.  
   Once we meandered (ha ha, Brant was in fast forward down the paths! :-) ) through the more exotic animals, we headed to the petting area.  


 Not too impressed with the goats, Brant loved the sheep!  And the fact that he could brush them!
   After lunch at Brugger's, we had to get Daddy home for work.  A nap later, we hit the road again, but this time for a bike ride.  All in all, not a bad day...and to think, we still have 2 more days of it! 

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