Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A trip to Delaware, soccer games and renovations

We were so excited to jump in the car and head to Delaware for a long-overdue visit.  Although the ride seems to get longer each time we make it, Brant is still a great traveler.  Since we've discovered that he HAS to sit in the middle, rides are a lot more pleasant for us all, as I don't have to hold the bag while he gets sick!
An annual trip to get apple donuts, yummy apples and cider!

The visit was great, helping Bev celebrate her birthday and heading down to Rehoboth for the day.  Of course, seeing the kiddos was great too!  Can't believe how big the babies are!
Enjoying the lemon merangue pie for Mom Mom's birthday!
Delaney saying "Cheese"
Watching the ocean from the boardwalk

Brant wanted to swim so badly, but it was freezing, and the no swimming flags were out

Monday night, following our return, the U6 Deacons took on the U6 Lightening.  How fun to see the kids play and how well they did!  Of course, sure do like number 4!  Brant's friend Mia is also playing for Gibsonville, and had the game after us.  Brant and Mia thought it was hilarious that they have the same number!
And he's off!

Going for the ball!
Silly friends on the field!

As things seem to have calmed down for a day, Brantley got motivated with the laundry room again.  Brant and I came home today to discover the hot water heater had been torn out (you should have seen the MUCK that drained out of it!) and we have to pack up and head to Grandma's for a few days.  It seems, no matter how far you go or for how long, you still have to pack the same amount of stuff!! There's only one bag difference between a night at Mom's and Delaware!
Brantley is getting ready to lay tile and finish the drywall.

Well, from our up-ended house to yours, hope all is well!  Can't really tell if anyone is reading the blog, so please comment if you do!

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