Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Blustery kind of day in Delaware

Brant: MOM!  When are we leaving?
Mom: Early in the morning. 
Brant:  But I want to go NOW!  I miss Mom Mom, Pop Pop, Jacob, Hazen, Hadley, Baylor and Bwalaney!   

We've been planning to come back up to Delaware for Fall Break, since our last trip up.  Brant had so much fun, and really misses his cousins in between trips.  Mom and Dad love to come up too, so it was no problem! 

Beautiful Delaware mums
The only plan we had for this trip was to go to the Pumpkin Patch.  We took Brant to the Pumpkin Patch when he was only a few month old, and haven't been in Delaware in October since then.  We set off with Pumpkin Patch as our ultimate location, but Pop Pop told us that the Delaware State Police Aviation Unit was having an open house.  We swung by the airport to check it out.  Brant enjoyed the helicopters, and seeing all the Troopers, like Pop Pop used to be. 

Brant made a bee-line for the helicopter

The rear-stablilizer of each plane or helicopter had the State Police emblem.

There were helicopters from New Jersey, as well as Maryland

Checking out the plane, like the one Pop Pop almost got sick in on duty. 
Finally, we got to the pumpkins!  In North Carolina, the pumpkins are expensive!  But here in Delaware, we got a pumpkin that Big Brant could hardly lift..for $10!! (keep posted for carving pictures later in the month!)  We had fun comparing pumpkins, putting them back, getting more and enjoying the fall beauty.  But HOLY COW! It was windy, even for Delaware!  

Of course, a fall trip to Delaware is not complete without a trip to Smith's orchard for some yummy apple donuts, turnovers and cider!  This time, the pumpkins were in abundance, as well, and I couldn't resist sneaking in another photo!

We are now prepping for  a Phillies cookout and game party!  How fun it is to be with family!  How blessed we are to have each other!

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