Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Take me out to the ball game! Henry's 1st Hoppers Game

On July 2nd, we decided to head to the Greensboro Grasshoppers game, as we'd not been yet this season, and that was a shame! Time was, we went to Hoppers games about once a week.  But somewhere in there, life happens, and we just hadn't made it!

When we went to the Burlington Royals game, we discovered that Brant's friend, JM, hadn't been to a Hoppers game before.  Seeing how much he enjoyed the Royals game, we decided to invite him along with our family.   Speaking of family, it was also Henry's first Hoppers game too!

The boys were so excited, and ready to catch a foul ball!

JM was just mesmerized!  

Henry had a great time too!  When Guilford, the mascot started getting the crowd dancing, Henry danced on my lap! And made an appearance on the scoreboard! Of course, all the boys were in the bathroom, so Grandma was the only witness!

The boys and Guilford!

Henry just loved the people, noise and action!

It was also fireworks night, so we planned on staying late, if all three boys made it that long.  They did, and at the close of the game (Hoppers lost, so sad), they cut the lights and the display began!  There is always a fantastic display, and knowing we most likely wouldn't see fireworks on the fourth, we really enjoyed it!  Henry had just fallen asleep about half an inning before, so I covered his ears.  Silly me, thought he'd be scared. His eyes popped open at the first explosion.  Eyes wide, he watched for about five minutes, then promptly fell back asleep again!  Silly boy!

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Jen said...

Peter just looked over my shoulder at this and first he said "Who's dat baby? Dat's not AJ!" when he saw Henry's photos. Then he saw the mascot and asked if it was an alien. :)