Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A two-fer at the doctor

Can you believe Henry is 4 months old?? actually 4 1/2 months!  But all was well at his check up. He and Brant had one together today.  Both are growing well!

Brant was 52 pounds and 47 1/2 inches tall.  While concerned about going to the doctor, he forgot all about it when cool Dr. Bonney came in. A few high fives, some baseball talk,

Henry was next, and after smiling and talking to Dr. Bonney during Brant's exam, he continued to interact with him.  He was very impressed with his development, commenting on how advanced he was (yes, Mommy had to brag for a minute).  When I told him how Henry looked at each person when I said, "Daddy", then "Grandma" then "Brantley," he couldn't believe it!  We did it twice last night, so it wasn't a fluke.

So, all is well.  And as sweet and chubby Henry's legs are, he was was only 14 lbs (40th %) and 25 inches long (50th%).  Dr. Bonney was pleased and said we can start thinking about introducing solids in the next few weeks!

We had to end the appointment on a bad note though, as Henry needed shots.  Two in one leg, one in another.  He smiled through the first two and looked insulted with the third.  No drama in that boy, he's one laid back cookie!

He's snoozing now, with a little Tylenol to soothe the soreness. We are so thankful for our boys.  Happy, healthy normal guys!

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