Sunday, July 8, 2012

creepy, crawlies and constellations

Last Saturday the library hosted another event, partnering with the North Carolina Museum of Natural History.  It was the same lady who came the last time we went (man, she DOESN'T need the second cup of coffee in the morning!), but she's really good with the kids. This program was about the animals of the constellations.  

I thought it sounded like something Brant's friend John Merritt would like to go to as well, so we swung by his house to pick him up! The boys found front row seats and settled in to watch the show.   The lady started off with explaining what constellations are, who named them and why.  Then, she brought out the stars of the show! 

Front row seats!

The bearded dragon (for a dragon constellation)

Enthralled with the lizard

Henry was chilling in his Mickey onesie

The corn snake, and the story about how the snake's venom was discovered it could hurt or heal, thus earning a place on the medical symbol
 We rounded out the day with milkshakes and some playtime at John Merritt's house! Lots of fun!

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