Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Festival Fun

One of the best things about living in a small town are the great activities that are within walking distance!  We love strolling downtown to catch a parade or enjoy a festival.  Saturday morning farmers markets and Saturday night's all such fun!

Last Saturday we headed downtown for the 25th annual fall festival.  The boys were selling Scout popcorn for a large chunk of it, while Grandma and Mommy were enjoying the booths (Daddy HATES that part!).  After the selling stint was up, we headed over to the kids area for Brant to play.  Daddy and Henry headed home for lunch and a nap.  

Who doesn't love a big bouncy slide?

Slipping and sliding, what fun!

Grandma and Brant waiting in line for another bouncy thingy.

The kids section was great.  For $5 you get to bounce as much as you want, make Duct tape jewelry, paint pumpkins, make Halloween crafts AND get balloon animals!  Yep! Love those small towns!!

The artist!

 As always, the trains were a huge draw.  It's such a neat thing to have a Garden Railroad downtown on the Green, but they haven't been running much.  The man who built it is getting old and I think it's getting to be too much for him. Thankfully we saw some younger guys out there this time too, so hopefully the train will run more in the future.

My boy LOVES trains, any type, any kind.  And what was even better?  The Amtrak came through while we were there too!

And Thomas ALWAYS has a special visit.

A great morning, full of fun and fried Oreos.  Doesn't get much better! :-)

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